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Top 10 best made for TV horror movies.

 Top 10 best made for TV horror movies.

I know I've listed off which are the best made for TV horror movies many times before, but seeing that I'm on vacation this week, and feeling major vacation vibes I've been watching a lot of awesome made for TV horror movies from both the 1970's and 1980's while prepping Staystillreviews for yet another Sensational Summer. I sit here currently watching the ultimate Easter classic Critters 2, and decided to dig deep for ten choices I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the best of the best when it comes to made for TV terror. 

10) Bad Ronald 
- After a tragic accident, a young neighborhood girl is killed and the boy responsible runs back home to his mother frightened telling her what happened and how he buried the body. Knowing that the police won't believe that it was simply an accident now that the girl was buried, she hatches a plan that has failure surrounding it right from the start. Building a wall over the pantry and downstairs bathroom, they made a hidden room for Ronald to hide out in until things cool down. Every night the mother uses a special trap door for Ronald to get food, and keeps him company. After lying to the police that her son ran away, she informs Ronald she needs to go to the hospital one weekend for a minor surgery, and leaves him plenty of food to last him, reminding him not to leave until she gets back. Days pass, and slowly they turn into weeks when finally it becomes known that the mother passed away having surgery and the house is now up for sale with the son still living on the other side of the walls! It isn't until a new family moves in that the son slowly becomes unhinged, and makes peep holes all through the house, living in a fantasy he's made, which targets the family's teenage daughter.

9) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow 
- Bubba is a mentally retarded gentle giant who lives with his elderly mother on the edge of a mid-western farm town. Bubba is good friends with a young girl, and their innocent friendship angers a few of the local men from town including the postmaster who's determined to prove that Bubba is in fact dangerous. One day when Bubba and the little girl are playing, she wanders into a fenced in backyard where a dog attacks her. Bubba saves the girl's life, but delivers her to her mother covered in blood, hysterical and claiming he didn't do it. Frightened, Bubba races away as news spreads fast over what happened. The postmaster rounds up a few guys from town, and they ride out to Bubba's house with guns. Meanwhile Bubba races to his mother, sobbing over what happened. Hearing the truck's engine, his mother tells him to hide in his special place. Once the postmaster and men arrive with dogs, they demand to know where Bubba is. Searching the property and fields, they are just about to give up when suddenly the postmaster looks up and sees Bubba dressed as the field's scarecrow. Opening fire, the men unload on Bubba, killing him instantly. It isn't until afterwards that they learn that the girl is in fact still alive, and that Bubba wasn't responsible, he saved her life in fact. Thinking fast, they place a pitchfork in Bubba's hands, and claim in court it was self defense and actually get off. It isn't until the men responsible begin dying in mysterious accidents that the postmaster believes that either Bubba really isn't dead, or somebody is seeking revenge.

8) Don't Go To Sleep
- A family moves into a brand new house in California in hopes of starting over now that a year has passed in which their eldest daughter died in a horrible car accident. The blame for what happened has been building tension between the father, and mother-in-law for the last few months. Here the youngest daughter begins suffering from vivid nightmares which leaves her frightened and confused. It isn't until the ghost of her dead sister begins to appear before her that she's convinced she's come back from the grave. Here her sister informs her that she wants it to be just the two of them. Slowly accidents begin happening involving the other family members as the mother is left grief stricken, and horrified to wonder if her daughter is responsible, or something much worse.

7) Devil Dog Hound From Hell
- A man buys a puppet for his daughter's birthday after the family dog was accidentally killed just a few weeks before. The dog seems to be exactly what the family needs, and all is well before accidents begin happening, even resulting in the maid's tragic and untimely death. A few months pass until the father begins to suspect that something is going on with his wife and children. All of them are showing a darker side he's never seen before, and begins to take notice that all of these accidents all happen whenever the family dog is around. Tracking down who sold the puppy to him, he discovers the dark underworld of the cult who worshipped this blood thirsty beast. 

6) Summer Of Fear 
- A happy family living on a beautiful ranch in California learns that the wife's sister, her husband, and the family's housekeeper were all killed in a horrible car accident while they were on vacation, leaving their teenage daughter orphaned. The family hasn't seen her since she was born, but agree to let her come live with them. The family's own teenage daughter is excited to hear of another girl coming to live with them. At first, the cousin seems completely perfect. She's beautiful, polite, soft spoken, and very mysterious. It isn't until the family's daughter begins to see a string of bad luck following her since her cousin came to arrive. One day she breaks out in a horrible rash right before the school dance, forcing her to miss it. Her boyfriend dumps her for her cousin, and her prized horse who's spooked whenever her cousin is around is put down after an accident. Slowly she starts to see how her family is changing as well, most of all her father who seems completely transfixed on his niece while his wife pretends she's completely unaware of what's happening. Feeling something darker is happening, she starts to suspect that her cousin isn't exactly who she says she is. 

5) Midnight Offerings
- Robin, a young girl moves to a new town only to meet Vivian, a popular girl from school who has a dark disturbed dark side. Vivian was born with special powers, ones that she got from her mother, and has been learning to use by worshiping dark magic. Here she uses spells to murder teachers who were going to fail her boyfriend, as well as anything else she can do for personal gain. She's the darling of her father, and proves she's much too powerful for her mother.  Here Vivian's boyfriend grows sick of her controlling ways, and begins seeing Robin. Outraged by this, Vivian begins to target Robin, only to discover Robin has powers of her own. Here both girls go head to head in a showdown to the death.

4) The Initiation Of Sarah
- Two sisters go off to college and begin trying to join a popular sorority. Patty gets accepted to the sorority which is filled with beautiful popular girls who rule the campus. Her sister on the other hand Sarah is shy and withdrawn and doesn't make the cut, forced to join the sorority filled with outcasts. Here the members of Patty's sorority tell her that she needs to be cruel to her sister or she'll get kicked out. Feeling betrayed, Sarah is often the target to the girl's hurtful jokes. It isn't until Sarah's den mother of the sorority she belongs to shows that she has a hidden power. One that makes her special, and can make any one who's giving her trouble one hell of a bad day. 

3) Death At Love House
- A married couple move into a beautiful estate of a famous actress who both are researching about for a new book they are writing. As they interview past friends and lovers of this actress, the husband becomes obsessed with her, so much that he believes she's returned and he's having a passionate love affair with her. It's up to his wife to stop this madness before it's too late.

2) Salem's Lot
- Based off Stephen King's terrifying novel, tells the tale of Ben Mears, a famous author who returns to his childhood town to write his newest novel, which involves a large mansion that over looks the town that people suspect is haunted. Here Ben meets the townspeople, including Susan, a beautiful young woman who he begins seeing. Here a mysterious pair of business partners buy the deserted mansion and open up an antique store in town. The other business partner is never seen, and just a few days after they open shop a young boy goes missing.  

1) Trilogy Of Terror/Trilogy Of Terror II
- Both films feature 3 chilling tales featuring the same actress playing different characters. In the original we watch a shy mousy teacher get blackmailed by one of her student, two sisters with very different personalities clash, and finally a young woman is attacked by an antique doll she buys for her boyfriend one night in her apartment. In the sequel two lovers pay the ultimate price when they try to dig up the grave of the wealthy woman's dead husband they murdered in a rat invested graveyard. A woman uses black magic to bring back her dead son, and finally the same doll from the original film attacks a lab worker when the police bring it back from the original crime scene.

Happy watching!!!

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