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10 movies where everyone dies at the end.

10 movies where everyone dies at the end.

Over here at Staystillreviews we're a tad bit hungover, so what better way to beat the feeling of total death than having a movie marathon? Here I list 10 movies where at the end the entire cast bites the dusk.

1) Dawn Of The Dead 04
- Man oh man, talk about depressing. I loved this 2004 remake to one of my all time favorite zombie movies. It was a colorful, fast paced, modern take on the original 70's classic. First we get kicked in the gut when Michael (Jake Weber) is bitten and forced to stay behind killing himself while his friends watch. This scene ruined me when I first saw it, then to add insult to injury over the credits we get found footage from a camera one of the characters find in the boat they escaped on which shows them breaking down and forced to dock at an island where hundreds of zombies run out attacking them. I would like to stay hopeful and believe they escaped in time, but judging from how it ended, things didn't look that hopeful. "sigh."

2) Miracle Mile
- One of the most beautiful films ever made. First off, what a story. A man picks up a ringing phone from a phone booth late one night in LA only to learn that in less than an hour bombs are going to drop destroying the entire country. Here he needs to race around the city trying to find the girl of his dreams he just met hours earlier, and also find a way out of the city. I love this movie, but the last five or so minutes were a huge let down. After everything that happens, these two doomed lovers die together scared, but knowing maybe a million years from now their bones will be found together just like the cave people from the museum they first met at earlier that day. Sad stuff.

3) Hatchet 
- Again this doesn't exactly fit the bill since Mary Beth does in fact survive for the next two installments. Still, if you look at this movie as just one film everyone dies and in very blood gory ways. I've always loved the ending shot of this movie. So over the top.

4) Melancholia
- This was a weird movie. Still, beautifully shot, and has a pretty cool overall idea. The first half plays as a drama surrounding a wedding, the second half shows the aftermath at a remote beautiful countryside mansion where a few family members learn that the moon is pretty much going to crash into the Earth, destroying the planet in just a matter of days. A very unsettling ending, but yet again I can't stress how beautiful it's filmed. 

5) The Thing (?)
- Not sure if this exactly should make the list. I mean one of them survived (maybe) and if you played that impossible Playstation game you'll know the twist ending. This ending hands does is one of the greatest endings to a horror film e-v-e-r. While the question remains on if one of them is The Thing, we get one HELL of an ending line and we basically are led to believe that both men got drunk in the snow before freezing to death. Maybe...

6) This Is The End
I'll admit, I really enjoyed This Is The End. Not only was it super funny, it also had like the best ending ever. Pretty much the end of the world happen, resulting in everyone bitting the dusk while proving what true friendship means as well as cutting the devil's dick off. (I'm not joking) Well, the ones who actually ended up proving themselves, they go to Heaven and everything is white and full of glitter. There's segways, and yes...even boy bands.

7) Night Of The Living Dead
As much of a classic this film is, I hate to admit I prefer the 1990 remake instead. Maybe it's because Barbra wasn't such a useless bubbling mess like she was in this one. Any who, this film is still a classic, and has the ultimate Debbie downer ending of all time after basically everyone turns on each other, or are taken by the zombies. The worst of course is when Ben our hero comes up wounded from the safety of the basement only to be mistaken for a zombie and get shot right in the head. Man oh man!

8) The Blair Witch Project
- The ultimate found footage movie. I don't care what anyone says, or how much this movie has been made fun of, it still hands down in my eyes is one of the scariest creepiest movies I've ever seen. I guess it's just something about the basic idea of being alone in the woods with something unseen going after you. Creepy. Any who, this movie as well as it's true sequel that was released just this past fall where everyone ends up dying. In the original all three college film students are killed off by the witch. The worst is the very last shot of the movie where Heather stumbles down in the basement of the abandonded house, after believing her friend Josh who disappeared a few nights before has been taken after her and Mike the sound guy hear his painful moans coming from that area. Running around, completely hysterical, she desperately tries to keep up with Mike before heading down to the basement and seeing Mike standing in the corner before something off screen knocks the camera into her cutting to black. For those who paid attention earlier in the film will remember the legend of a man who murdered small children and how he would kill one first, and have the other stand in the corner waiting to be next. Wow.

9) Cabin In The Woods
- Basically Waxwork for this generation, the last half an hour of this very clever and strange take on horror movies left audiences completely floored at the over the top bloodbath that followed as soon as all of the monsters were set free, destroying everything and everyone. The last few minutes of the film was truly fitting. Instead of surrendering to what's supposed to happen, the two last remaining cast members decide to say "Fuck it!" and not die. Making peace that they are going to die, as well as the rest of the world the angry Gods from below are rip shit as they burst up ready to completely kill and destroy.

10) Final Destination 3
- There's actually a few installments in this series where in fact everyone does indeed end up bitting the dust, or dies before the next movie. With Final Destination 3 (my personal favorite) Director James Wong originally was going to end the movie with McKinley getting smashed by the sign, and fading out as Wendy, Kevin, and Julie stumble away completely stunned. Due to poor response from the test audiences they decided to come back six months later and shoot a new ending where death comes to collect ten fold for Wendy, Julie, and Kevin months later in a city subway. Some see this as mean spirited but I absolutely loved this ending as well as Tommy Lee's cover of Love Train blasting over the ending credits. Long live 2006!!!

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