Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Break films take 2!!!

Spring Break films take 2!!!

Earlier this month I posted about some of my own personal top picks for the best movies to watch to get you into the right state of mind just in time for Spring Break. Now these movies don't actually have to take place during Spring Break but scream warm weather and vacation vibes for this time of year. Here we are again, with more choices to get you into the mindset of fun, sun, beers, and much much more!!!

Nightmare Beach
- The leader of a bike gang is sent to death after the murder of a young woman. A year after his death a group of football players head down to the beach for Spring Break when a mysterious biker begins murdering people in the area. Is it the ghost of the gang leader, or something worse?

Modern Girls
Three girlfriends and a nerdy lovable guy go through a series of adventures including a famous rock star one night as they go through the colorful and dazzling club scene in the mid 1980's.

The Allnighter 
- Three college girlfriends are on the verge of graduating when the final blow out party thrown by the seniors doesn't exactly go as planned. 

Dude Bro Party Massacre III
- A spoof on the 1980's slasher movies is shown as the third entry in the Dude Bro Party series where Motherface, the crazed psychopath is after the identical twin brother of the lead from the past two installments. Here she begins picking off these co-eds one by one in brutal over the top ways while they party up at a lake house in the middle of the woods. This over the top gore and laugh fest is also packed with 1980's retro commercials since the movie was found on an old VHS tape a young boy used to tape when the movie was shown early one morning in the late 80's. 

April Fools Day
- A group of college friends on the verge of graduating all decide to kick off Spring Break which happens to be April 1st at their good friend Muffy St. John's mansion which sits on an island in the middle of a lake up North. Instantly the pranking begins between friends when suddenly a prank goes wrong resulting in a terrible accident. Trying to move past what's happened, the friends gather at the house when they begin to suspect that something isn't quite right with their host.

22 Jump Street 
- In this over the top sequel, Schmidt and Jenko are now assigned to new case forcing them to both go undercover at a local college. 

Critters 2
- Several years after the original film, the Browns have since moved away from Grover's Bend. With their house and barn deserted, nobody seemed to notice the pile of Critter eggs left behind. When a local junk man scoops them up, selling them to town to use for the town's Easter egg hunt, it isn't long before the heat makes the eggs finally begin to hatch releasing blood thirsty Critters. Just in time of course for Bradly Brown to be visiting his grandmother for the weekend, and seeking help by his bounty hunter friends.

Jeepers Creepers 
- Two college aged siblings are driving through Florida for Spring Break when a huge truck with a unseen driver attacks them. After the truck speeds away, hours later while driving on a back highway they happen to notice the same exactly truck parked on the side of the road beside an old church, dumping something wrapped up in a blood stained sheet down a tunnel that leads underground...

Fraternity Vacation
- A nerdy college student befriends two fraternity brothers while they are staying at his father's condo for Spring Break.

Private Resort
- Two buddies staying at a fancy resort for Spring Break seek two main things. Getting laid, and having a good time. The two get into plenty of zany adventures, which also include a very jealous husband. 

Stay tuned for more Spring Break fun!!!

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