Friday, April 14, 2017

A yearly tradition! Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes and Psycho II!

 A yearly tradition! Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes and Psycho II!

Everyone has zany and strange traditions. Let it be the way they celebrate different things, what food they eat, or of course what movies they watch on special occasions. Over here at Staystillreviews we have plenty of traditions. Galligangiving, Ghoulie Bowl, watching Jaws and Final Destination 3 on the 4th of July, The Midnight Hour on Halloween, and one of my personal favorites watching Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes and Psycho II on Easter weekend. One would wonder why exactly I watch those movies. Nothing really screams Easter about either one. They don't take place during the holiday, but there is a rather large handful of films I strictly watch when the weather turns warm. To kick off spring these two are the first of many to be watched.

Another favorite of course is Critters 2 of obvious reasons, but for years I always re-watch these movies every Easter weekend. For Psycho II I believe I first received this highly underrated sequel on VHS years ago around this time of the year. Psycho II is hands down one of my favorite murder mysteries and the perfect follow up to the classic original Psycho. This is a sequel I feel would have made Hitchcock proud, and is quite a tragic and beautiful story. Just something about the opening credits, or the sweeping shots of the house up on the hill somehow always reminds me of the Spring. This is a film I have for years watched on this weekend and always feel like a blubbering mess whenever it the scene of Norman and Mary are holding each other hiding when Norman remarks she smells nice, and comments about the toasted cheese sandwiches his mother used to make him whenever he felt sick as a boy. That one tiny memory is all he has left before everything turned so horrible. A touching scene and a must to watch if you are a fan of the show Bates Motel.

The second is a more recent tradition. About 4 or 5 years ago for some unknown reason me and my friend Mike happened to watch Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes and TV on Good Friday. There is really nothing that religious about this movie besides the priests, but we had a complete blast watching this sequel which along side part II and of course my personal favorite It's About Time are some of the better highlights in the film series. The Evil Escapes was a made for TV movie which started the trend of cursed objects coming from the original house. It stars Patty Duke and has some pretty laughable moments, but the iconic lamp is a favorite of mine and me and Mike very year get completely wasted, eat crab cakes, and watch this hidden gem. If you love stories about cursed objects, possession, or haunted houses this is the movie for you! There are some pretty awesome gory moments which just is another reason why made for TV horror movies are sometimes the best.

So this weekend along with the Basket Case series, and Critters 2, I'll be tacking both Psycho II and Amityville 4. What films do you find yourself without fail watching every year around this time? 

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