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10 movies to get you into the summer state of mind part 1!

 10 movies to get you into the summer state of mind part 1!

With warm weather coming in, and our annual Sensational Summer less than a month away, we're trying our hardest to get into the summer state of mind. Over here at Staystillreviews we're kicking things off with a top ten list this time around this year with top choices of movies to start watching to get into some major vacation vibes!

10) Pinball Summer/Pick-Up Summer
- Two teenage boys get into a series of adventures over the summer while chasing two beautiful twin sisters. Over time the group of kids looking to party hang at local establishments as well as run into trouble with a biker gang and the bumbling local police.

9) Jaws
- A small New England island is terreorized by a giant white shark which is killing anyone foolish enough to go into the water. With the major against closing the beaches for the 4th of July weekend, the sheriff, a scientist, and a crazed fisherman go out to defeat this man eating beast before it's too late. 

8) Terror At Ten Killer
- Two college friends decide to spend the summer at Ten Killer, a beautiful lake to escape one of their dangerous boyfriends, as well as kicking back and relaxing after finals. All seems peaceful and fun until a deeply disturbed local begins killing people in the area, seeing their sights on them to be next.

7) Slumber Party Massacre 1-3
- In all three films a group of beautiful young teenage girls are all stalked and murdered by a crazed psychopath with a giant power drill.

6) My Science Project
- Michael Harlan, a high school senior starts off having a very bad day. First his girlfriend dumps him, then his teacher informs him that he needs to turn in a science project or he'll fail for the year. Bringing a date out to the junk yard one night to search for something to pass off as a project, he discovers a strange machine hidden from the government since the 1950's. This device makes it capable to travel through time and make things from the pass cross over into present time.

5) Secret Admirer 
- Michael is ready for summer vacation and ready to party. After receiving a love letter, he's convinced it's written by the beautiful and popular Deborah who he's had a crush on for years. Building up the courage, he decides to write his own love letter with the help of his best friend Toni. After a series of mixups, the letter lands up in several different people's hands, making life's get turned upside down. While Michael thinks his dreams have finally come true, he's completely unaware that the person who really wrote the first letter is someone who's closer to him than he thinks.

4) Pee Wee's Big Adventure
- A fun loving man child goes on a very wild and zany adventure meeting a series of very colorful characters along the way while trying to find his precious bike that was stolen from him.

3) Little Darlings 
- Two teenage girls decide to make the ultimate bet over the summer while staying at camp. Who can have sex for the first time ever with the guy of their choice.

2) Twisted Nightmare
- A group of friends who haven't seen each other for years are all mysteriously invited up to a cabin up the mountains they all used to party at until a tragic accident claimed the life of one of the girl's mentally retarded brothers. All of the couples head up for the weekend wondering who's behind this reunion. One by one a giant lurking monster from the woods begins brutally murdering the friends. Is it a crazed psychopath? A ghost? Or someone looking for revenge?

1) Summer School
- Freddy Shoop a gym teacher who lives for summer vacation gets sucked into teaching summer school to a group of kids who are outcasts, and a little unusual. Over the course of the next few weeks Freddy shows them all a good time with crazy field trips, beach days, and much much more.

Stay tuned for more updates as we slowly make our way towards Sensational Summer part 3!

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