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10 horror films turning 25!

 10 horror films turning 25!
1992. It was a great year for horror movies. What? Don't believe me? Well here are 10 films that will quickly change your mind. Happy 25 to all of them!

- A woman discovers that a local urban legend of saying the name Candyman five times in a mirror might actually be true after she attempts on proving that a murder that began this story was actually fake. Here she discovers the haunted spirit who has been searching for his long lost love for centuries. 

- A mother and son who are ancient supernatural creatures move to a new town. Here the teenage son sets his sights on a beautiful young girl from school who holds the key to feeding himself and his possessive mother.

Hellraiser III Hell On Earth
- A young reporter looking to finally find her big story witnesses a man getting torn apart by chains in the ER late one night. Seeing he had a strange puzzle box in his hands, she tracks it down to a local night club where it's owner might have a piece of artwork that contains the gateway to Hell.

Pet Sematary Two
- A doctor and his young son move to Maine trying to start over after his wife was tragically killed while filming a movie on the West Coast. Here the young boy befriends another outcast and learns about the famous pet cemetery and the legend behind the Creed family.

Alien 3
- Ripley awakes after crash landing on an isolated planet with only male prisoners. With Hicks and Newt dead, Ripley suspects an alien must have gotten onboard and caused the crash. Here she teams up with the men to fight this deadly creature without any weapons.

House IV
- Rodger Cobb (now remarried with a daughter) tragically dies in a terrible car accident, leaving his family devastated. Deciding to try and pick up the pieces, his wife turns Rodger's old family home into  fixer-upper. Here she begins to suspect something is watching her, either trying to warn her, or harm her.

Army Of Darkness
- Ash finds himself in the dark ages battling demons all over again while fighting an army of the dead, and trying to figure out how to get back home once and for all.

Critters 4
- Charlie wakes up after being in hyper sleep for over fifty years. Now onboard a space station, he discovers a new crew who happen upon the critters who are slowly munching away, eating everything in sight all over again.

Waxwork II Lost In Time
- Shortly after the original wax museum goes down in flames, one of the possessed wax hands escapes and follows Sarah and Mark as they make their escape. The hand sneaks into Sarah's apartment, brutally killing her step-father before getting destroyed. Here Sarah is framed for the crime and put on trial. Determined to prove her innocence, Mark finds a magical time compass and opens a gateway to travel through different dimensions.

and of course last but NEVER least...

Amityville 1992 It's About Time.
- After a construction crew destroys the famous Amityville house in Long Island, a contractor happens upon an antique clock from the house and buys it, shipping it back to his house back on the West Coast. Once he's arrived, and places the unusual piece on his mantle strange events begin to occur with his family as the evil lurking inside this object slowly begins to take hold.

Happy 25!!!

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