Sunday, April 23, 2017

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer lineup/new logo!!!

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer lineup/new logo!!!

This past weekend while celebrating Spring Break in all it's glory, we had a handful of surprises over here at Staystillreviews. First off, my all time favorite artist Travis Falligant collaborated again with me for our summer lego featuring our mascot Chip The Movie Loving Kid. Which of course is based off 80's and 90's actor Damon Martin. It is my life's mission to make people recognize this man's brief acting career appearing in such iconic classics like Ghoulies II, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and Amityville 1992. I've gone on and on about this guy, who went on to join the band Naked in the 90's and wrote two number one hit singles, which were even featured in an episode of Buffy. Damon then became a producer, including the Night Of The Demons remake, before becoming a very popular mural artist in LA. His work is featured all over the country, he's designed a smart car, AND raises awareness for endangered animals. This man has done it all. In fact after Galligan, hands down my favorite actor. Damon aka Chip (his character from Pee Wee's Big Adventure) became the blog's mascot earlier this year and Travis' first logo he designed completely captured the spirit of Staystillreviews which is 1980's beach time fun with VHS tapes, and great movies floating all around. Travis has designed dozens of pieces of work for me including a STUNNING piece of Zach Galligan from Waxwork II, a self portrait of myself, and then the epic Career of Damon Martin series where he designed several pieces of Damon from his film roles which inspired me to have Damon to become the new mascot. 

Travis' latest design of Chip The Movie Loving Kid perfectly captures our summer/vacation vibes where we will be celebrating our third annual Sensational Summer. I mean what better way to get into the warm weather state of mind than drinking in a pool filled with ghoulies! I can't thank Travis enough for this epic new piece and I can't wait to see what other awesome pieces we'll work on together in the future. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Chip again this fall!

On top of this awesome new logo which will be put up on the blog on May 1st, I also released this Sensational Summer's themes which will be starting June 1st!

WEEK 1 - Summer themed films!

WEEK 2 - Camp Slashers!

WEEK 3 - Beach Time Fun!

WEEK 4 - Shark Week!

WEEK 5 - Vacations Gone Wrong!

WEEK 6 - 3D!


WEEK 8 - Friday the 13th!

WEEK 9 - A Nightmare On Elm Street!

WEEK 10 - Slumber Party Massacres!

WEEK 11 - Castle Rock Terror!

WEEK 12 - School Blues!

Until then, stay tuned for updates and a killer giveaway!!!

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