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Why My Bloody Valentine should of had a sequel in 1986.

 Why My Bloody Valentine should of had a sequel in 1986.


Tomorrow is the 14th. Valentine's Day. I'm sure I'm speaking for a lot of fellow horror fans, that tomorrow they will be planning on doing the same exact thing. Popping in the ultimate Valentine's Day slasher.

My Bloody Valentine.

This Canadian 1981 slasher classic goes down as one of the best and brutal horror movies following the aftermath of Friday the 13th. Not only has this movie become a cult classic, and has a huge fan following all these years later, we've been able to see it in all it's uncut glory, as well as getting a truly awesome and bloody remake back in 2009. For years rumors flew around of a sequel to the original one. One of which had the character of the Sarah now as the sheriff, and how the coal mines are now used as a amusement park ride, showcasing the brutal murders that plagued the small town 30 + years before. Of course it's only a matter of time before murders started again, and Axel returns, ready to paint the town red.

Well sadly this project never took off, and instead we got a pretty stellar remake, as well as countless pieces of artwork, pins, figures, and even the soundtrack re-released in honor of the killer miner. Now I love both the original (it was one of the first slasher's I ever watched, as well as one of my late mother's favorite horror movies.) and the remake, but I always felt they really missed the opportunity they could of had if a sequel was in fact made in the mid to late 1980's. Here are five things I feel would have been perfect, had they made a My Bloody Valentine part II in 1986.

1). Have some of the original cast come back.
- I like the idea of having this take place years after the original. Maybe have TJ and Sarah now married, maybe with children who are teenagers themselves. Not very far fetched having this take place 15 + years later, yet have the movie filmed just a few years after the original. This way you could make sure everyone could return for the most part. One reason why I love Jaws 2 is the fact they were legit able to get everyone back, even the locals and small bit parts. Here I would have the town slowly trying to move on from that terrible night. The events that happened in the first film are stuff of legend. Maybe there's news coverage hitting the town over the anniversery of the murders,  whatever the plot is, murders pop up, resulting in history to repeat itself in the local teens planning another secret party. Would be great to have Sarah and TJ's children maybe try to rebel against their parents, and plan a huge bash in the middle of nowhere. Not sure if the mine would work again, but whatever it is have the murders first look like accidents, and finally have Axel return to seek revenge. Would be great if it took place at a farm house in the middle of nowhere, ton of teens are looking to party and one by one they are picked off. Maybe a barn dance or something? Whatever it was I would have TJ and Sarah returning to of course save the day!!!

2). Tons of gore!!!
- 1980's means lots of awesome practical effects! How awesome would it have been if they got the boys from KNB or Steve Johnson to come and make this the ultimate slasher. Think Intruder, before Intruder. I would have all of the deaths be super over the top. First have the deaths either be undiscovered, or look like accidents around town. At the big party, go crazy. I want to see people killed with arrows, pick-axes, hammers, chainsaws, you name it! Legit I would have blood splattering everywhere. I would take the vibe of Intruder, having these teens die in the worst way possible, I want to see gallons of blood everywhere.

3). Have a fresh young cast.
- What I loved about the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th sequels was the awesome casts of fresh new faces. I would love to see a new round of victims, this time being maybe high school age. Couldn't hurt to have maybe a young Damon Martin or Zach Galligan thrown in there. What? Only me? God how about Jill Scholen playing the lead? That's a cast to die for!

4). Have the killer not work alone.
- Let's face facts, Axel wasn't looking very good when we last left him. He had to cut his own arm off. I think it would be brilliant to have there be a twist that there's actually two killers via Scream. One being Axel, one being either one of the kids, or a local. Mind you the motive would really have to be written half way decent to work, but I would have loved to see two separate miners running around hacking people up!

5). Really stress the fact it takes place on the 14th.
- A huge reason why I loved the original My Bloody Valentine was the fact that the town was called Valentine's Bluffs, and was really playing up the fact it was the first dance in 20 years. Here you get small glimpses of the town and how it's covered from head to toe in hearts, and the colors red, white, pink, and purple. I would do something like this at the party. Have the entire place completely covered in decorations and even have a few deaths related to this. Sounds dumb? Well guess what, I would die laughing of somebody had an entire heart shaped box shoved down their throat! 

So in closing, a sequel made in 1986 would have rocked, but I guess we gotta count ourselves lucky. We got one killer remake, with the ever so handsome Jensen Ackles.


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