Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top 10 movies to watch on Valentines' Day.

 Top 10 movies to watch on Valentines' Day.

After a very, very, very long day I am finally home hoping to relax a little bit and try and get in a few classics that I feel are a must to watch around this time of year. Here are ten choices of mine of films that are perfect to watch on February 14th.

1). My Bloody Valentine 1981
- In the small coal mining town of Valentines' Bluffs a celebration is in store since this is the town's first Valentine's Day dance in twenty years. All those years ago a tragic mining accident caused a man named Harry Warden to snap after being trapped underground for weeks. Going on a rampage after finding out the source of the accident was due to two workers leaving early for the Valentine's Day dance. Snapping, he goes on a rampage the following year on the 14th, warning the town NEVER to hold after dance again. Now twenty years later, it seems as if everything is as it should be. The town has decided to hold a Valentine's Day dance, only to have a series of brutal murders plague the town with bloody hearts stuffed in Valentine's, with warnings to cancel the dance before it's too late.

2) My Bloody Valentine 2009
- The remake of the slasher classic follows basically the same plot. Harry Warden snaps, going on a rampage one night trying to kill the mine owner's son Tom, who he believes is responsible. After being gunned down, Harry disappears without so much as a trace. Years later, Tom returns to find his girlfriend married, and has plans of selling the mine to finally move on once and for all. It isn't long before a series of murders begin to happen. Who's responsible? Is Harry back?

4) Offerings
- A young troubled boy accidentally suffers from a terrible accident, resulting in him to become disfigured as well as completely snapping and murdering his abusive mother. Years later, he escapes the hospital he's been held in, only to return to his hometown and murder off every single teenager who was originally responsible for his accident. Here, he slices, and dices, leaving tiny body parts on the doorstep to the only girl he grew up with who was kind to him. Is it true love? Or something worse...

5) Return Of The Living Dead 3
- An army brat and his punk rock girlfriend steal a security card one night to investigate the secret research that has been going on dealing with a military based gas that reanimates dead flesh. That night a tragic accident happens, killing the girlfriend, and leaving the boyfriend completely grief stricken to drag her corpse back to the lab and release some of the gas on her to bring her back. It isn't long before the girlfriend complains about a terrible hunger she can't stop thinking about. Here she discovers that the only way to subside the hunger, is to hurt herself...badly.

6) Cupid 
- A deep disturbed man who's birthday is on Valentine's Day, lives with his equally as crazy sister in a mansion on the outskirts of the city. Here, the man for years has been dating women, looking for his one true love. If they disappoint him, he kills them. One day he meets a beautiful young woman at a local bookstore. Instantly he falls in love, believing she's the girl he's been searching for his whole life. Sadly there is a line of people in his way, and he has no problem getting rid of them.

7) Christine
- A painfully shy teenager named Arnie buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury one day despite his best friend and parents' objections. Becoming obsessed with restoring the car, Arnie slowly begins to come out of his shell and even starts to date a beautiful young girl that's new to town. It isn't long before Arnie's personalty begins to change, and anyone who's crossed him starts to die in a series of strange road accidents. Is it Arnie? Or is it Christine, jealous of anyone who hurts her owner.

8) Frankenhooker 
- A medical school drop-out suffers a nervous breakdown after his fiancé' is killed in a fatal lawn mowing accident (yes, you read right.) Deciding to use his skills to bring her back, he goes to the city and rounds up as many hookers as possible to find the perfect parts. When his experiment is a success, it suddenly hits him his fiancé' isn't exactly the same. In more ways than one...

9) Candyman
- A young woman is writing an article on urban legends, and tries to debunk one that takes place in the same city she lives with her husband. The legend is, if you say Candyman five times in the mirror, a vengeful spirit will come and murder you. Is the legend real? It isn't long before she discovers it is indeed true, and this spirit has his sights set on her, believing she's his long lost love.

10) Slumber Party Massacre 2
- Courtney, the younger sister from the original film is trying to move on from the horrible events that plagued her sister to go completely insane. Now part of a rock band, she plans on spending her birthday weekend at a friend's condo, where she's invited the local neighborhood hunk. It isn't long before she begins suffering from vivid visions and nightmares of a rock and roll killer, using his guitar drill to murder any young half naked girl that gets in the way!!!

Happy 14th everyone!!!

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