Sunday, February 12, 2017

Killer My bloody Valentine pin from Fright Rags!!!

 Killer My Bloody Valentine pin from Fright Rags!!!

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a package from my friends over at Fright Rags. Last week, they announced a killer boxset based off one of my all time favorite slashers ever.

My Bloody Valentine.

These amazing boxsets looked like a special package delivered by Harry Warden. Inside held the newest design for a new series of T-shirts, custom candy hearts based off the 1981 classic, and a signed pin by TJ himself Paul Kelman. Truly awesome. I myself was planning on ordering a boxset but sadly missed out (fingers crossed for re-prints!) so instead I settled on ordering one of the adorable pins that instantly caught my eye. Now I'll admit, I'm VERY picky with buying pins. I like them well enough, and there are some amazing companies making truly killer designs. This one I knew I needed. There were two separate designs, one of a bloody heart hidden in a Valentine box, but the one I knew I needed was the amazing sign of Valentine's Bluffs, the town sign where the slasher takes place. A huge reason why I've always loved this movie was because of what a kick I got out of with the town being called Valentine's Bluffs, and what a big deal they were making out of the town dance, decorating all the streets from head to toe. This sign is a very iconic piece for the movie and I adore that as of lately many different companies have been making artwork, pillows, and even now pins based off it.

So three cheers to Fright Rags for capturing the spirit of the 14th! Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day fun this week!!!

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