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10 Reasons why Ghoulies II rocks!!!

le10 Reasons why Ghoulies II rocks!!!
With Ghoulie Bowl now behind us, I decided yet again to list reasons why my personal favorite (part 2) rocks in full detail and why it's the strongest out of all four films!!!

1). It's better than the original.
- I like the original Ghoulies. It's a fun little movie with some cool moments. Still, I think this is the perfect example of the Scream 2 debate of sequels that are better than the original. They took the overall concept of the first movie and cranked it up to 11. We have a loose connection to the cult who perform dark magic chasing a priest who has a bag full of Ghoulies (Bag o' ghoulies) only to accident;y get killed, leaving the ghoulies to hitch a ride with Ned and Larry. The setting, the cast, even the puppets were cooler. This in my eyes is the best film in the series. It's a fun B movie that is one of my favorites. In fact, I'm sure I'm speaking for lots of people but this one is a huge fan favorite.

2). Ghoulies have more screen time. 
- This time around the effects were really up to the task. Sure there were a few cheesy stop motion shots of the Ghoulies walking, and the last shot of the giant Ghoulie (sorta looked like a stuffed scarecrow in that show, which makes it even more amazing.) but besides that the puppets truly looked amazing. This is another reason why I love the 1980's. Practical effects all the way!!! This film isn't crazy gory, in fact I would say this is a perfect film to show a kid who might like horror or want to get into it. Still, the Ghoulies this time are the main stars. You see these little shits causing chaos, and partying like it's 1988!!!

3). The score.
- I LOVE the score to this movie. Performed by Fuzzbee Morse this time around instead of Band's brother. I really hope someday Waxwork records does a double vinyl release of both 1 & 2. Legit something about this beauitful score seems like it should be played in a drama. My favorite use of it is during the opening credits after Ned remarks on the magic moon.

4).  The carnival setting. 
- Sure the original house in the first movie was cool, but the carnival setting in this one is a MILLION times cooler. I have always loved movies set in amusement parks. (The Funhouse, Rollercoaster, Final Destination 3, ect.) Harden's Carnival is one of the coolest. This is an old shitty traveling carnival. We've all seen them, or have been at one. The rides are death traps, the food is fried and amazing, and everything is rusty or peeling. Still, that's part of the charm right? What really blows my mind is that this was all packed into a giant studio in Italy when it was shot in late 87. The fact they were able to get actually working rides for the set shows how much detail was put into these movies. The showdown when all Hell breaks loose at the end is my favorite part, mostly when those little Ghoulies are playing games, eating popcorn, or riding in bumper cars.

5). Satan's Den.
- Another reason why this movie rocks is how the first half of the movie the ghoulies hide inside the haunted house called Satan's Den where Ned, Nigel, and Larry work. These are all funhouses/haunted houses we remember as kids whenever we went to a carnival or town fair.  These things were actually pretty legit no matter how cheaply made the insides were. The scares were cool, as were the two or so minutes it took wandering around in the dark. It blows my mind that Satan's Den is the size it is and still fits all into that truck. Movie magic! This failing haunted house is pretty cool. You got Nigel dressed up as a monkey or demon? And the house seems never ending with it's rooms, cheap gags, and cool little scares. I love the lighting in the house, and how teens go inside to party. The best room is the lab, where the ghoulies hide and pop out at the guests who think they are part of the gag. In fact they think they are rats who spit green sticky glue (...) This is a fun little location, which brings back tons of memories of visiting these things as a kid. I just wish the ones I went to either had ghoulies or Damon Martin. Sup...

6) Damon Martin. 
- Speaking of Damon Martin. This guy after Galligan is one of my favorite actors. He wasn't in many films (Pee Wee's Big Adventure, this, and Amityville 1992.) He then had a brief music career, became a producer, and finally now a famous mural artist in LA. I find the guy fascinating. Not only was he instantly good looking when he was younger (still is.) he was in two of my favorite movies. Ghoulies II, and Amityville. In Ghoulies 2, he plays Larry. The nephew of Ned who is visiting for the summer and working at his uncle's haunted house. Larry is an every day joe. He has gorgeous red hair, handsome good looks, and cute hazel eyes. Are you drooling yet? It's adorable how he has a crush on Nicole, and the look of disappointment he has when he thinks he sees her leaving the trailer with Philip. Here he steps up after the ghoulies cause a tragic accident involving Ned. Watching him enter Satan's Den holding a gun is a SIGHT! Here he teams up with his friends to stop the ghoulies and sees that magic is actually real. I've had my crazy talented friend Travis do an art series based off Damon's career, in which he did the Larry character from this movie. Stay tuned guys, Damon will soon become the official Staystillreviews mascot. 

7). Sir Nigel.
- I love Phil Fondacaro. He was the star in so many 80's classics, usually playing monsters, demons, creatures, and much more. In Ghoulies II instead of playing a monster, he played one of the heroes. With his classic one liners, his tiny trailer, his awesome one-liners, and of course his reaction when the giant ghoulie thinks he's a tiny ghoulie always cracks me up. I would love to meet him one day and ask him about this highly underrated sequel.

8) W.A.S.P
- W.A.S.P was a pretty cool heavy metal band who sang the theme song to this film which blasts at the end of the credits. There's a pretty amazing music video tied in with the movie, showing the band rocking out with the Ghoulies. This was the late 80's where practically every horror movie had a heavy metal band do a song cover. Scream Until You Like it is a fun song that whenever I hear on my iPod the biggest smile spreads across my face because I think of ghoulies head banging or giving each other high-fives. 

9) Merle's vest.
- LEGEND William Butler steals the show in this movie as Merle, one of the friends in the gang who go to Satan's Den to party. Merle is amazing. Love how he shoves crumpled up bills to Damon Martin, or how he called out "Come on guys, stop fooling arounddddd." Merle has a pretty amusing death scene, but the best part of his performance is that flawless nest he rocks during the movie. 

10) Giant Ghoulie.
- What makes Ghoulies II stand apart from all the others. (Even Ghoulies III - Ghoulies Go To College.) is the giant ghoulie at the end of the movie who is summoned accidentally by the heroes in order to stop the tiny ghoulies who are running around killing people at the carnival. Here the ground opens up, and right away two large ghoulie hands reach up, snatching a flying ghoulie to nibble on as a snack. The expression on Larry's face is priceless. Right away the giant ghoulie starts walking around eating up all the ghoulies like there's no tomorrow. Of course it's only a matter of time before he eats them all up and is STILL hungry. When he sees Sir. Nigel he thinks he's a wee little ghoulie and tries to get him. I LOVE the shot of him slamming against the trailer wanting in. Here Larry thinks fast and in the end we get the greatest explosion shown in a film. Legendary. 

So check out Ghoulies II in STUNNING HD now on blu-ray thanks to Shout Factory!!!

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