Sunday, February 5, 2017

Final Destination 3 drinking game.

 Final Destination 3 drinking game.

I love Final Destination 3. It's one of my favorite sequels, and holds fond memories for me since this was a HUGE movie back when I was in high school. I re-discovered my love for this film recently when I was able to win on eBay a poster signed by the entire cast and crew which is currently framed upstairs in my bedroom. In fact, I'm planning on a pretty kickass double tattoo to pay tribute to in my eyes in strongest installment in the whole series. So in celebrating this cult classic that I'm sure made more than enough people nervous to ride a rollercoaster, or tan, or be around nail guns, here's a drinking game for all those McKinley grads!

Drink when...
- The name McKinley is said. 
- Wendy cries.
- A firework goes off.
- Luis says "I just win!"
- A camera snaps a photo.
- The name Jason is said.
- When "There is someone, walking behind you." plays.
- The name Wendy is said. 
- Wendy has a vision.

Take a shot when...
- Somebody dies.
- Luis swears.
- Somebody says the word death.

Waterfall when...
- Ashley and Ashlyn begin burning up.
- The horse drags Julie.
- The nail gun goes off.

Enjoy and remember don't drink and ride any coasters!!!

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