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Top 25 90's horror movies.

 Top 25 90's horror movies.

In the past I've talked on and on about how the 1990's weren't actually that bad of a decade for horror. I think after coming off the huge slasher boom from the 80's, a lot of fans believed this was the dry period for horror movies until such films like Silence Of The Lambs, and Scream came along. Still, for the better half of that decade a TON of truly awesome horror movies were released and sadly swept under the rug and forgotten. Some more memorable than others. Here are my top 25 choices for truly amazing horror movies released during that time that you should check out ASAP!

Take note I left out more popular choices such as Army Of Darkness, Silence Of The Lambs, and the Scream movies.

1) Puppet Master II
- A group of paranormal investigators return to the sea side hotel from the original film to get to the bottom of what exactly happened, and the strange brain fluid from the killer puppet's creator that can reanimate dead flesh.

2) Slumber Party Massacre III
- A young teenage girl invites her friends over for a slumber party the night before her parents return home from a vacation. It isn't long before the wrong guest is invited, a deeply disturbed man with a haunted past, and a very large drill. It doesn't take long before he traps the girls inside the house and starts chasing them around with his killer power tool.

3) Popcorn.
- A group of film students are hosting an all night horror movie marathon in an old theater they are renting out before it becomes destroyed. There they discover an old film from the 1970's of a strange cult leader/director who murdered his entire family on stage one night after the screening of his latest film and then set fire to the entire theater it was being hosted at. As the film students start getting picked off by one one during the night by a killer that lurks in the shadows, one girl begins to wonder if that director survived the fire and is back to screen his masterpiece again after all these years.

4) Amityville 1992 It's About Time.
- A man returns home from Amityville New York after a business trip where he bought a beautiful antique clock from one of the houses that was just recently destroyed. This clock of course belonged in the original house, and holds within it a terrifying power.

5) Waxwork II Lost In Time.
- Taking place directly after the original film with the wax museum now burnt down to the ground, a possessed hand from one of the displays escapes, hitching a ride to Sarah's apartment and murdering her abusive step-father. Brought up on charges, Sarah is put on trial and it's up to Mark to figure out how to prove she's innocent. Both Sarah and him go to Sir Willed's house for answers. Here they find a compass that opens up different dimensions where the two begin wandering, battling monsters, aliens, ghosts, and even a warlock from the dark ages.

6) When a stranger calls back.
- One night a young woman babysitting two young children is harassed by an unseen man on the other side of the front door who claims his car broke down a few streets away. Refusing to answer, the young woman finds that the phone is cut, and that this man isn't going away...until he says something. He asks if she's home alone since he sees someone moving around upstairs. In a blind panic, she races upstairs only to find both children missing. When she runs downstairs, she hears her name being called, and sees a large man emerge from the shadows before she barley escapes. Traumatized, the woman never fully gets over what happened, and the children are never recovered. It isn't until she's a college student, that she seeks help, trying to convince everyone that the same man who took the children all those years ago is back, and breaking into her apartment every night. Is she telling the truth, or has she gone insane?

7) Nightbreed.
- A young troubled man is plagued by dreams of a strange but wonderful place called Midian. A cemetery where creatures and monsters live, and where if you go...all of your sins are forgiven. The man finds that this place actually exists after his doctor convinces him that a series of horrible murders of several families are actually being committed by him. Once he reaches Midian, it discovers that these creatures aren't the evil ones...the humans hunting them are.

8) Hellraiser III Hell On Earth.
- A beautiful young reporter looking for her big break witnesses the violent, and very unusual death of a you man brought into the ER late one night. When she tracks down where he was, she finds he was last seen at a night club called the Boiler Room. It's owner, a collector of art actually owns the very pillar Pinhead has been trapped in. Once released, these demons of Hell are unstoppable, and ready to bring the world down in flames.

9) Warlock The Armageddon.
- Every few hundred years an eclipse happens where the son of satan is reborn and released onto Earth where he uses several magical stones to open the gateway of Hell to allow his father to enter this world. For centuries this has been stopped...until now. Now walking the Earth, the warlock travels the world, collecting the stones he needs and killing as many people as possible who gets in the way. It's up to two young star crossed lovers, warriors...who need to stop him before the world is forever taken over by darkness.

10) Night Of The Living Dead. 
- The remake of the 1960's zombie classic, brings a much more colorful and powerful punch to this haunting tale. A young woman and her brother are attacked one morning visiting their mother's grave at a cemetery up North. Barley escaping, she wanders to a farmhouse where several strangers are hiding inside. Here she learns that the dead are returning to life, and it seems that the only way to truly stop them is to shoot them in the head. As the strangers hold up, tensions rising, the slow moving corpses begin to surround the house. 

11) Lord Of Illusions. 
- In the early 1980's a group of teenagers rescued a young girl who was kidnapped by a cult leader in the middle of the desert. This man Nix was a terrifying man who held the secrets of dark magic. Overtaken, and killed, Nix is buried, and one of the teenagers grow up to be a world famous illusionist, only the thing is...he's really performing real magic. When a PI is hired on a routine case on the West Coast, he stumbles upon some of Nix's followers, killing off the people responsible for murdering their leader. Here, the PI discovers that they are planning a homecoming...to bring their master back, even if it means opening the gates of Hell itself. 

12) Candyman II Farewell To The Flesh. 
- The legend of the Candyman continues, this time taking place down South. This time targeting two siblings who's father went insane believing the legend. Here, the revengeful spirit returns, setting his sights of a beautiful young teacher who yet again reminds him of his long lost love.

13) Phantasm III Lord Of The Dead.
- Taking place directly after part II, a fatal accident leaves Liz death, and Michael in a deep coma. Awakening years later, it seems as if the Tall Man still hasn't given up on trying to capture him, and it's up to Reggie, and Jody, who returns, now in sphere form, having turned into one of the Tall Man's slaves. Here, Reggie is left to battle the undead while trying to rescue his friend before his transformation is complete.

14) Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
A couple driving cross country breaks down after witnessing a murder at a gas station. Taking the backroads, they stumble upon a deeply disturbed family who have been capturing, murdering, and eating people for years. 

15) Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday.
- Jason is finally "killed" by the FBI, only to have his sprit start to jump from body to body after his own has been destroyed. Here a bounty hunter, and a young man who's family is in danger team up trying to figure out how to stop Jason before he returns to his true form once again. Here they discover the answer. The only way for a Voorhees to be killed, is to have a Voorhees kill them. But with Jason's mother dead...who else is left?

16) Wes Craven's New Nightmare. 
- Now that Freddy has been killed off in the film series, it seems as though whatever evil force that's made this made up villain so powerful, has actually made him into a living breathing entity that's escaped the silver screen, and is now entering our world, attacking the cast and crew of the newest Nightmare movie. Here it's up to the actress who played the first person to ever defeat him to stop him once and for all before he completely enters reality. 

17) Child's Play 2.
- Chucky has been rebuilt by the factory who made him in order to clear the press by any rumors that the claims from the first movie were completely false. With his mother now in a mental hospital, and the police backing away from the case, poor young Andy is sent to a foster home where Chucky of course finds, wanting to complete his spell once and for all.

18) 976 Evil 2 The Astra; Factor.
- Spike from the first movie has been on the road since his cousin's death. After a twisted and deeply disturbed teacher from a local high school is killed, his spirit returns, using the famous calling card to collect more victims to gain power. 

19) The Howing VI The Freaks.
- A handsome mysterious drifter enters a small town, and is hired to help repair a local church. This man seems like a complete blessing, and strikes up the interest of the reverend's daughter. Sadly after a month the full moon rises, and the man's horrible secret is discovered. He's a werewolf. When a traveling carnival comes to town, it appears he knows the owner and a battle has been building between the two of them for years.

20) Return Of The Living Dead 3
- A teenage boy is completely driven by grief to bring his girlfriend back from the dead after she's killed in a tragic accident. Here, he uses the toxic gas he discovered at his father's military based lab where secret experiments were being held at. When she returns, she doesn't remember anything about what happened as well as having a horrible hunger. It isn't long before she sees that the only time she doesn't think of this hunger is when she harms herself...a lot...

21) Bloodstone Subspecies. 
- After being turned into a vampire, and the love of her life is murdered, Michelle goes on the run, trying to figure out how to contact her sister who's back at the states, while truly understanding the curse she's suffering from. Sadly for her Radu is hot on her tracks, wanting to collect his bride once and for all.

22) Daddy's Girl.
- A sweet little girl who's recently been adopted by two loving parents seems like the perfect child, and is the apple of her new father's eye. Sadly, this is all a terrible lie. With a haunted past, this little girl is deeply disturbed, and will kill anyone who gets between her and her darling daddy.

23) Cupid. 
- Eric is a psychopath who lives in a giant mansion just outside of LA with his sister. For years, Eric has been searching for his long lost love. Sadly whenever these women disappoint him...he kills them and continues searching. It isn't until he sets his sights on a beautiful young woman he meets one day at a local bookstore. Could this be his one true love? Sadly, her ex boyfriend, sister, and many others get in the way. How many people will have to die, before Eric finds true love once and for all?

24) Bloodlust Subspecies III
- Taking place directly after part II, Michelle is forced to try and outsmart Radu as her sister, and several others attempt to help her. Slowly she begins to understand this terrifying power she holds within her, and sees that she can be just as powerful as the monster who lusts after her.

25) Phantasm Oblivion 
- Michael escapes into the desert, trying to find answers to why exactly The Tall Man is after him, and if he can in fact be stopped. Here Reggie joins forces with him, as the (at least in my eyes) final chapter is completed in this epic story. 

Thoughts? Any I forgot?

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