Sunday, February 26, 2017

Coolest horror merch coming this season!!!

 Coolest horror merch coming this season!!!

With the slight tease of warmer weather and spring possibility coming up, I've been not only excited for the convention season kicking back off, but mostly for the very colorful and totally awesome releases coming from some of the coolest companies around. Here is a brief list of several killer companies that are always a MUST to order from that currently have the coolest merch around!!!

Check out these cool latest releases from these amazing companies!!!

1) Theater Of Creeps
- My friend and tattoo artist Shane Murphy has been killing it lately with his epic releases of his eye catching artwork as well as his amazing killer pins. Shane's work is at the top of my list for the quality as well as his signature style on every single piece he makes. I'm honored to have my legs covered in his tattoos and hands down is my favorite company around!!!

2) Cavity Colors
- Cavity Colors is another company killing it lately. They completely won my heart this past summer when they came out with a Ghoulies line (fingers crossed for some Ghoulies II shirt in the future. "Cough cough!") With visual eye candy with every single piece of artwork they make, they seem to be getting cooler and cooler with each release. Can't wait to see what's next for this killer company!

3) London 1888
- My friend Chris' work proudly hangs framed on my living room walls. Between his shirts, prints, hoodies, stickers, and pins, there's always killer surprises being cranked out. London 1888 is a staple at any convention with some of the coolest people working behind the booth!!!

4) Fright Rags
- Frights Rags is one of the ultimate companies for horror T-shirts. With TONS of amazing designs coming down the line, we just recently we're surprised by killer new shirts featuring artwork for such classics as Rosemary's Killer (The prowler), Hostel, Motel Hell, and even Scream! 

5) Pinkpandemonium
- If you ever want adorable custom jewelry Lesley from Pinkpandemonium is the girl to order from. I've been getting custom earrings and purses from Lesley for years now and every single piece she's made has always caught the eye to anyone who's seen them. In fact my all time favorite pair of earrings has to be the Sam Raimi ones she made for me a few years back. Legit you pick an image, she turns them into adorable pieces of jewelry. Also check out her killer VHS purses!

- The boys over at VHSPS have always been my favorite to visit whenever I'm at a show they are vending at. With rare out of print films transferred onto DVD, you have hundreds of titles to choose from with top of the line customer service. I own dozens of VHSPS movies, and love every single one of them!

7) Hauntedgraves 
- Despite how many truly awesome pin companies that are out there, I find myself really not truly collecting as many as a horror fan should. It's even more rare for me to stumble upon a pin and know I just need to have it. Well, after happening upon Hauntedgraves' IG account and seeing this awesome Night Of The Creeps pin and hearing such great things about how they go that extra mile with their packages for customers, I knew I just needed to see what all the fuss was about. So, just this morning I ordered my first pin from these guys. Review of it once it arrives later this week!!!

8) iBTrav artwork.
- My all time favorite artist out there is Travis Falligant. I've been hiring Travis for custom pieces of artwork for years now. My favorite hands down has to be the Career of Damon Martin artwork we're in the middle of working on as well as him designing the Staystillreview's mascot and latest logo. Travis not only makes eye catching colorful artwork, his shop also has his pop culture designs on bags, bedding, phone cases, mugs, pins, and much much more!!!

There are several other companies I wanted to give a shoutout to but I guess we'll just have to wait for a part II to this list! Until then stay tuned for the latest releases from these killer companies!!!

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