Sunday, February 26, 2017

Staystillreviews' pre-summer celebration.

Having lived in New England my whole life it honestly wasn't a complete surprise when the last two days were in the mid to high 70's and sunny, only to have today go to the low 40's, and become windy and cloudy. I'm sure tomorrow we'll get five feet of snow, and maybe...just maybe by Friday of this up coming week maybe a rain storm. Who knows?! Well, during these rare, and much needed warm weather days, I enjoyed it while I could, driving around with the A.C on (yep, I'm that guy) as well as enjoying some time outside soaking up the sunshine and sipping on iced coffee.

In my eyes winter officially ends after Valentine's Day. After that, mother nature needs to stop being a total asshole, let the snow melt, and bring on the spring! Now I'm not trying to jump the gun here, I mean I LOVE spring time and have many up coming posts about movies and tapes I watch during the months of March and April. Still, I just couldn't help but pop in some favorite sensational summer feel movies these past few days and pretend it was early July sitting pool side. Maybe it's cabin fever, but summer can't come soon enough and either can a huge up coming project I have planned that will capture the overall summer time mood. So to celebrate hopefully the beginning of spring, I decided to post 15 of my all time favorite movies that I feel perfectly captures a season that just can't seem to get here fast enough!

1) Summer School
- Freddy Shoop is a high school gym teacher who words in education for all the right reasons. June, July, and August. It isn't until he's suckered into working summer school with a class of misfits that he decides a new style of teaching to survive and keep sane. 

2) Valley Girl
- Julie is a girl from the valley who meets Randy, a punk rocker from the city. Both are complete opposites that fall hard for each other despite everyone claiming they don't belong together. 

3) Jaws
- A New England coastal town is terrorized by a giant man eating shark right before the 4th of July holiday. It's up to the town sheriff, a scientist, and a crazed fishermen to stop this 24 foot monster before more people die.

4) Thrashin' 
- Corey, a talented skateboarder with a promising future comes to LA for the summer to compete in several skating events which could lead to a very successful career. It isn't until he meets Crissy, a beautiful girl who just happens to be his rival's twin sister. Here the Ramp Locals and The Daggers, two skate gangs clash while Corey and Crissy are stuck in the middle.

5) Secret Admirer 
- Michael, a high school student prepares for a carefree summer of fun when he happens to receive an anonymous love letter. Believing it's from the stunning and popular Deborah who happens to be best friend of Toni, Michael's shy, and pretty friend who just so happens to be the author of the letter, having been in love with Michael for years. 

6) Sleepaway Camp
- A tragic boating accident leaves Angela, a painfully shy young girl orphaned after witnessing her father, and twin brother die. Having to live with her unstable aunt, and cousin Ricky, she becomes withdrawn, traumatized by what happened. Years later, Ricky and Angela are sent away to summer camp for the very first time. Here a series of "accidents" plague all of the mean spirtied children who tease Angela. Who's responsible? Is it Angela? Ricky? Or something much worse?

7) My Science Project 
- Harlan, a high school grease monkey is having a pretty day. His girlfriend broke up with him, and he's been informed if he doesn't turn in a science project he'll fail. In complete panic mode, Harlan goes to the local junk yard and discovers a strange device that's from the 1950's. It also just so happens to use energy and shift time around.

8) Piranha
- A horrible experiment is accidentally released into Lost River Lake where man eating piranha swim up stream eating anything and anyone that makes the fatal mistake of going into the water.

9) Little Darlings 
- Two summer camp friends decide to hold a bet. Who can lose their virginity first?   

10) Return Of The Living Dead
- A deadly military made toxic gas gets released accidentally by two medical warehouse workers over the 4th of July weekend. That night a group of punk rockers head to the local cemetery to party, when suddenly the skies open up and it starts to rain...only thing about this rain, it soaks into the ground, causing the corpses buried there to rise and seek human brains. 

11) Ghoulies II
- The evil ghoulies from the original movie escape and this time hitch a ride to a traveling carnival where they hide inside a local haunted house. 

12) Pee Wee's Big Adventure 
- Pee Wee, a childish man who loves his bike more than anything in the whole world goes on the cross country adventure searching for it after it becomes stolen. Along his way he meets a bunch of very colorful characters. 

13) Hardbodies
- Three middle aged business men decide to spend the summer renting a beach house and trying to pick up young girls. After no luck, they meet Scotty, a local stud who promises them for a handsome fee he'll teach him his ways and get them laid in the shade. 

14) Terror At Ten Killer
- Two college friends decide to take off and spend the summer at one of their family cabins up at Ten Killer Lakes. All seems well as the girls relax and enjoy the summer sun until a deeply disturbed local begins killing around the area and sets his sights on both girls.

15) Friday the 13th part III
- In this third entry of the Friday the 13th story, Jason escapes wounded and heads to Higgins Haven, a summer home owned by a young woman who years ago was attacked by him while he was living out in the woods. Here Jason massacres a biker gang, and a group of carefree teenagers as well as receiving his iconic hockey mask.

So agree with this list? Are we all ready pumped for our third annual Sensational Summer? Well kiddos, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. This was just a taste to hold us off until June. In the meanwhile stay tuned for more killer updates and keep remembering just a few more months until total fun in the sun!

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