Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why this October rocked.

 Why this October rocked.
Sadly our favorite month is behind us. I honestly have to say this October was one for the books and I adored every single second of it. Between keeping up doing makeup, blogging, writing, having as many pumpkin flavored coffees and cider donuts, there were other huge highlights worth mentioning. Here is a list of some of the top reasons why this past month rocked.

Joe Bob Brigg's shirts by Fright Rags.
Sadly I wasn't up to making it up to NY to meet Mr. Joe Bob Briggs again. Instead I was treated to something just as cool instead. Here my friends at Fright Rags yet again knocked it out of the park by making two KILLER Joe Bob shirts. Monstervision and Last Call. Still planning on getting a hoodie of this shirt. My far one of my new favorites!

Phantasm remastered.
This by far was Phantasm month. I sadly wasn't able to see Phantasm remastered in theaters since none were playing in my area. From what I heard it was crystal clear, and truly showed how visually striking this movie is after all these years. I was able to stay up one night when they aired it on Syfy channel. The half an hour I watched was eye candy for any hardcore Phantasm fan!

Phantasm V
I was lucky enough to rent the latest entry of the Phantasm series with a friend of mine. Together we watched Ravager, and I must admit...I highly enjoyed myself. Yes it's the weakest sequel yet, but being as emotional invested in these characters as I am, I really truly loved seeing yet another movie in the Phantasm world!

Rock & Shock.
One of the biggest highlights of this past month was vending at Rock & Shock a local horror convention. I. had. a. blast. Between selling, chilling with friends, experiecing  The Chair, and seeing so many people I adore it was by far the best weekend I've had in a while. Plus, that Galligan tho...

Waxwork and Waxwork II coming out on blu-ray!
Thanks to Michael and Heather, this dream I've had finally became a reality with an out of the park release on blu-ray. What a feeling it truly was seeing these get the SE treatment and seeing them in crystal clear HD. Beyond humbling. The greatest moment of this of course was when Zach Galligan aka Mark Loftmore gifted me his own personal copy. Blair Witch crying for days...

Meeting Jeff Daniel Phillips
I really dug Lords Of Salem and 31. The best of course is that stupid commercial where Jeff is hanging the mirror for the old lady and tells her they should order pizzas and needs her social security card to do so. I legit nearly pissed myself when I first watched that. Thanks to my friend Courtney I was lucky enough to meet him and impress him by the fact I had Zach's face tattooed on me. His reaction over that was priceless. Also can we talk about how short I look in this photo...

Receiving so many amazing gifts from friends.
I can't thank everyone enough. Between that SICK Mutilator poster from Chris and Courtney, the Gremlins laserdisc by Chris, the blu-ray from Zach, the dozens of movies thanks to Sean and George, and of course pins and prints from Shane. I can't thank everyone enough. I seriously thought I was dying over that weekend I was receiving so much awesome stuff. Thank you everyone, seriously made my month!

Finding out who Negan killed. 
I'm not the biggest Walking Dead fan, but as soon as I heard they were getting a villain played by Mr. Jeffery Dean Morgan I gained interest again. Beyond pumped over the cliffhanger, I spent the entire summer wondering who got smashed to bits by Negan's bat. Well thanks to a little harmless work pool, I won 95$ by guessing right. That first episode was brutal and rocked. Bring on more episodes with Negan! Please!

Going pumpkin picking.
It isn't the fall if you don't go pumpkin picking. I got tons, upon tons, upon tons. I even pained some to look like the cast from The Green Inferno. Remember kids? I'm the only person on the planet that loved that movie...

Dressing up as Samantha from Deadly Friend.
For Halloween I dressed as Samantha aka Be-Be from Wes Craven's Deadly Friend. The coolest part of this was the fact that Kristy Swanson tweeted me over this photo. Amazing!

Getting Chopping Mall/The Hills Have Eyes on Blu-ray.
This month was whack with the blu-ray releases. On top of the Waxwork movies we also got titles such as Chopping Mall AND an epic release thanks to Arrow Video of The Hills Have Eyes. Stunning. I also might have re-bought Friday the 13th the series on DVD again. Listen people, I didn't own the third season yet so it's fine (...)

31 Terrifying Tubular Tapes.
Stay tuned for a wrap up on all 31 amazing VHS tapes I've covered this month!

Stay tuned this month for Galligangiving!!!

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