Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 22-31 of Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Day 22-31 of Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Yes I know, I know...I fell WAY behind with my Tubular Terrifying Tapes posts. Still, I kept it updated daily via my IG account Staystillreviews. To catch up before doing a true wrap up I decided to quickly post what were my last ten choices...

The Kindred.
Late 80's creature feature with amazing effects, an epic right out of left field transformation scene, and a haunting soundtrack.

The Amityville Curse
One of the weakest sequels from the series has NOTHING to do with the original house. Still decent final scene, with a really cool cover.

Graveyard Shift
Underrated Stephen King movie based off a truly creepy short story.

Return Of The Living Dead
One of the best zombie movies from the 1980's and features one of the best horror soundtracks of all time!

The Monster Squad
Childhood favorite made years ahead of it's time.

Great thriller suspense movie that features a pretty huge twist at the end.

Ghoulies II
One of my favorites. Ten times better than the original with awesome monsters, a giant ghoulie, and the dreamy Damon Martin playing the lead.

Class of 1999
Awesome science fiction/horror/action movie with one of the BEST ending songs ever featured in a movie.

Night Life
Great zombie horror movie with the ginger from Critters. Needs to come out on blu-ray like...yesterday. 

The Midnight Hour.
One of the BEST Halloween movies ever made!

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