Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tubular Terrifying Tapes wrap up!

 Tubular Terrifying Tapes wrap up!

With October now behind us, I decided to look back and reflect on the 31 days of Tubular Terrifying Tapes. Between here and on my IG account (Staystillreviews) I posted 31 amazing tapes from my collection. I'm looking forward to the next list I'll make (perhaps for the holiday season...hummm...) So here we look back on the 31 choices that were totally tubular...

Deadly Weapon - C+
- A dangerous government weapon falls into the hands of a 17 year old abused boy.

Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II - A
- In the 1950's the popular prom queen accidentally died when a prank gone wrong. All these years later her spirit is back for revenge.

Killer Party -  B
- A masked killer, a revengeful spirt, and much more more awaits local college co-eds who are celebrating rush week and April Fools' day.

Deadtime Stories -  C-
- Three twisted fairy tales are told to a young boy before he falls asleep one night.

Popcorn -  A
- A group of film students screen B movies one night at a local theater as a killer stalks them in the shadows...

Fade To Black -  B+
- A young man obsessed with film is pushed too far and begins to go on a massacre dressing up as his favorite icons on the silver screen.

Witchboard - A+
- A harmless game turns deadly for three friends when a spirit sets it's sights on a young woman.

Brain Damage  -  B
- A young man wakes up one night to a creature attached to the back of his neck. A creature that feeds off brains, and gives off the greatest high of all time.

Phantom Of The Opera -  C
- A re-telling off the classic musical in the 1980's.

Phantasm -  A+
- A young boy and his brother are stalked by an alien like creature who is using the dead as his own personal army.

Fright Night -  A+
- A young teen is convinced that his next door neighbor is a vampire.

Amityville 1992 It's About Time -  A+
- A cursed clock slowly takes over a small family on the West Coast.

The New Kids - B+
- Two siblings move to a new town after the sudden death of their parents. Once they arrive they are the targets to a deadly local gang.

Night Of The Demons 2 - C-
- Angela is back and ready to party all over again!

Bleeders - D
- Scientist find a whole new breed of horror.

Spontaneous Combustion - A
- After his parents died mysteriously after being part of a top secret experiment in the 1950's, a young man begins to notice he isn't exactly normal.

Deadly Friend - B
- A young brilliant scientist is driven by grief after his girlfriend dies in a terrible accident. Using his knowledge to bring her back, it isn't long before he sees he brought back something much worse...

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors - A+
- Teens from all over Springwood are dying mysteriously. Here,  Nancy (the girl from the original) goes to help a group of teens in a local mental hospital who are the last victims Freddy has laid his sights on.

Nightbreed - A+
- A young man is haunted by dreams of creatures who live in a mysterious place called Midian. A place where all of your sins are forgiven once you arrive.

The Nest -  A
- A local coastal town is plagued by deadly roaches who are nearly impossible to kill and transform into whatever they just ate.

The Kindred - A
- A young doctor returns to his mother's beach side home to find answers to a deadly experiment she started years ago...

Return Of The Living Dead - A+
- Two warehouse workers accidentally release a gas that brings the dead back to life.

The Amityville Curse - D-
- A group of friends buy a beautiful old house to fix up and sell. Little do they know the house is cursed with ghosts.

Graveyard Shift - C-
- A group of workers discover giant flesh eating rats beneath of the floors of the mill they are working in.

The Monster Squad - A
- All of the classic movie monsters arrive to a small town only to meet their match. A group of rag tag kids who are tougher than they look

Spellbinder - C
- A young man one night meets a stunning young woman who is clearly hiding a deadly power.

Ghoulies II - A
- A group of small demons hitch a ride to a carnival where they hide out at a local haunted house.

Class of 1999 -  B
- In the distant future a high school decides to replace teachers with robots to stop the violence and gangs that are surrounding the areas. Little do they do the robots have a mind of their own.

Night Life - B+
- A young teen who's working at a funeral home is trapped inside one stormy night when a lighting storm causes a group of high school kids who were killed in a car crash to return from the dead!

The Midnight Hour - A+
- A group of teens accidentally release a town curse on Halloween night. Here vampires, zombies, ghouls, werewolf's, and much more run around like there's no tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoyed and see you next year!!!

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