Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 1 & 2 of 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes!!!

 Day 1 & 2 of 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes!!!
Of course I totally forgot to post yesterday on here for the first day of Tubular Terrifying Tapes. So here we go with a combo of day 1 & 2. Remember kiddos, you can watch each day this month with which tapes I'll choose on IG. Follow me - staystillreviews. So day 1 was Deadly Weapon (1989). Deadly Weapon stars Rodney Eastman best known as his role as Joey in Dream Warriors and The Dream Master. I have 2 copies of this sucker and completely love the plastic cover that changes images whenever you move it. We're talking old school here!!! Is the movie really good? No, not really, but Mr. Eastman is adorable in it as the poor shy kid who seriously has the shit end of the stick with his life in a small Arizona town. His mother left when he was young, leaving him with his mean older sister, and abusive father. He has no friends (besides his dog), and is constantly picked on even by his teachers (the scene where he gets sparked at school...I seriously have no words.) The film truly makes an effort to show how horrible his life is which comes across slightly as over the top. Well thanks to a slip up to the government a powerful laser gun falls into this young boy's lap where he accidentally kills his father with it and suddenly sees what power he now holds in his hands. Here he decides to kidnap all the people who wronged him to impress the girl he likes in town (played by the actress who played the first Heather to die in Heathers. "Corn nuts..." Of course things spin out of control resulting in a very tragic ending. A total bummer, but a fun watch. Happy to say I even own an original poster from this movie!

My second choice for day 2 is the highly underrated Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II
One of the first slashers I watched as a kid was the original Prom Night (1980) with Jamie Lee Curtis. Lots of people have said this was a morning slow movie, I on the other hand have to disagree. I loved  Curtis' slashers that followed Halloween and always found the ending to this movie beyond tragic. Wanting to shake things up a bit, being very AHEAD of it's time they changed things completely, the only thing staying the same was the name of the same high school. Prom Night II opens in 1957 when bitchy Mary Lou is crowned prom queen but due to a terrible prank gone wrong dies when her gown catches on fire. 30 + years later her spirit is awaken and possesses a young girl who's running for the crown. This movie screams the 1980's and features some pretty awesome deaths (locker room scene) and gives us one of the best female villains of all time! There are several versions of this artwork but I believe this is the best! Would love to own it as a full sheet poster!

Stay tuned for more tapes!

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