Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dollar store Halloween deals!

 Dollar store Halloween deals!

Today I was a little down in the dumps. Haven't not been feeling very well I wasn't up to make the trip up to NY to visit my friends and attend a screening of The Warriors hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. This killed me since Mr. Briggs is my hero. Still, I was lucky enough to have met him this past summer so I decided to try to cheer myself up by having joining my roommate while he was running errands. 

Our first trip was at a Goodwill. Here I was able to find this awesome candle for just 99 cents that smelt just like candy corn. Eat your heart out Yankee Candle!

Look at my fucking eye. I'm having a stroke. 

Next up he drove me to a massive dollar store which wasn't exactly in the best part of town. Still I was impressed with the huge Halloween/Fall selection they offered.

Here I strolled around, looking at the shelfs stacked with Halloween everything.

Despite the loudness of children running around like idiots, I began to pile my basket high with goodies, seeing if I could find as many cool things as possible all for under 15$

Once we were done I stood in line with a clever looking pumpkin bucket that reminded me of the kind you could get as a happy meal back in the 1980's/90's. I also noticed behind this dollar store counter they sold condoms and pregnancy tests. I was beyond tempted to snap a photo of them but the check out girl was glaring at me.

After that we went to another Goodwill where as soon as I walked in I laid eyes on something very disturbing.
Are you fucking kidding me?

There wasn't anything really that impressive so I was able to snag this cool table cloth for a buck.

After that roommate treated me to some apple crisp ice cream. Despite the fact it was rainy, overcast, and chilly this ice cream was It's sold at a local chain around these parts and I basically inhaled it. What better way to celebrate the 1st of October (my favorite month) than having fall time flavored food. 
All they need is candy corn flavored ice cream and I can die a happy girl.


So damn good. 

So below is my haul. All of this that you see below ended up being a total of 12$. Thanks to some deals I scooped some some junk that would put anyone into the spirit of Halloween.
Visual eye candy for any Halloween nerd.

Sequin eyeball earrings. These were the first things I laid eyes on. I was able to snag myself a pair as well as one for my friend Courtney. These babies are amazing and for dollar store earrings really made well. I know I'll be rocking these hard core.

This baby was actually one of the coolest items I got. Not only was it heavy built out of plaster, it also lights up red, purple, and green. Reminds me of this awesome witch decoration my sister and I had as kids that used to light up. This baby is on my Halloween mood table and bringing major Halloween feels to me at this moment.

Witch fingers were next. I think there was 20 or 30 in this pack since they were all stacked on top of each other. I love sending little goodies to my friends all year long as well as hopefully having a huge prize bucket at my table at Rock & Shock this year. Here I dumped little pieces of Halloween goodness that reminds us of a much simpler time. I must admit I put these on and took some selfies. Mmmm Hummm!

I legit have no fingernails (a horrible habit I know) but I still get a huge kick out of buying Halloween themed nail polish for my toenails. This was a fun looking little bottle that's color was a shade of red sparkles. 

This buy confused me. I love eyeball anything, so the second I saw this squishy glitter ball I tossed it in with the rest of my stuff. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed there's a fish floating around in there as well. Hmm...

It isn't truly Halloween until I buy plastic rubber body parts. I searched for fingers but all they had was ears. Oh well, maybe I can made a Blue Velvet art piece or something...

I always loved putting up window clings to decorate my house's bay windows as a kid. I got this adorable little leaf set that is now pressed against the glass of my TV stand.

Of course a new dishcloth for my kitchen.

The bucket I mentioned. If you stop by my table at Rock & Shock feel free to grab from my treat bucket.

I love glitter pumpkins. I have a bunch from the dollar store closest to my house. Got this little baby as well.

My prize bucket preview. Lots and lots of stuff! (yes those are dinosaurs) 

My Halloween mood table packed full of awesome items such as my Joe Bob Briggs autograph, candles, my Night Of The Demons soundtrack, and light up pumpkins. Woo woo!

The day got even better when my Amityville Curse poster came in the mail. I paid 4 bucks for this sucker. I know, I know...the movie is HORRIBLE! Still, I always loved the poster and remember seeing it dozens of times as a kid at the video store.

The best surprise was the second package in the mail which was the AMAZING Fright Rags shirt of Joe Bob Briggs' last call. This softened the blow a little better about not making it up to NY. Amazing. By far my new favorite shirt!
All in all, a pretty decent 1st of October. 

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