Sunday, October 2, 2016

Count Chocula cereal review.

Count Chocula cereal review.
So after years of putting it off I decided to FINALLY go out and buy some monster cereal. Ever since these puppies were brought back, Halloween fans rejoiced. Never being much of a cereal nut I wasn't that bummed when I kept forgetting to go out and buy a box. Finally this morning while doing my weekly market run I decided to say YOLO and buy myself a box. I went for Count Chocula seeing that the other two cereals had berry in the title and due to my terrible allergies and not wanting my throat to close I played it safe and went for good old Count Chocula.

I snapped this little photo while waiting in line. I believe the old man who was the manager thought I took a photo of him since he slowly went behind the soda display to hide. I gotta admit, I love stores/markets around this time of year. I was seriously tempted to buy pumpkin flavored everything. Instead I settled on tossing another bag of candy corn into my basket. I gotta hoard these puppies since they are only seasonal. 

The only debate I'll ever watch.

I remember my dad once telling me these were big as a kid. Deciding to try it out the second I got home and unloaded, I poured myself a bowl. The smell of chocolate was strong.
Can somebody help me out? I seriously had no idea what these shapes were supposed to be. The marshmallows I believe were bats or fangs. The actual cereal part skulls?

Hate to say it but they kinda looked like turds.

Final thoughts? Well it was tasty. I'm not a huge chocolate nut but this was pretty good for sugary cereal. Nothing I would buy again but for the sake of this post worth the 2 bucks it cost. The milk turned chocolate and it tasted like cereal I used to eat as a kid. As for how my stomach will feel about this...well only time will tell. I tried it, and liked it. Some people are over the moon for this stuff, and I mostly just see it as a cool way to bring back something retro for the holidays. Speaking of holidays some of those Christmas themed cereals are to die for!

Until then, I will give this 3 cereal bowls out of 5!

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