Wednesday, October 12, 2016

5 things that would have worked in Phantasm V

 5 things that would have worked in Phantasm V

I know there have been many mixed reviews dealing with the latest installment of Phantasm V. Now I'm not defending this movie seeing that it was by far the weakest installment yet (I will forever and always love the ending to part 4.) This film was packed with flaws, loose ends, and left me beyond 
disappointed. Still, I loved the movie for what it was. I respect the movie for what it is. It's an original idea, a sequel to a series I adore, and showcased characters I've loved from the very beginning. Still, here are five things I might have changed or done to make part 5 truly feel like the final true last chapter in this epic series.


1). Have Don Coscarelli direct.
I feel you instantly know it's a Coscarelli movie the second you watch it. Clearly the man still has it with the films he's directed in the past since his Phantasm movies ended. Still, as much as I feel the director did a good job it would have felt perfect if Don directed the final part. I feel with him writing and directing it would have seemed more complete. 

2) Feature more of The Tall Man.
I know Angus was much older in this latest installment but there are so many ways around this. In this entry he barley seemed to be here. Plus his death in this movie? Really?! I would have liked a better fitting send off for one of the best villains of all time. A showdown between either him or Reggie would have seemed more complete.

3) Stick with Michael being the focus.
If you think of my own personal theory on these films was correct, you might also see that Michael was the main focus of the Tall Man's obsession. He wanted him to become him and take over. Why suddenly this seems no longer important in the newest film? I liked that Reggie was the hero in this film, but seeing more of Mike would have been much better for the film to be full circle. His ending in part 4 was much better than his new scenes in this newest film. 

4) Return to Morningside 
I really sat on the edge of my seat when The Tall Man tells Reggie he can have his family back if he doesn't interfere with the original film's timeline. We all know it's possible (Back To The Future anyone?) With clever filming tricks I felt it would have been epic showing the final chapter back in the 1970's.

5) Keep the storyline of it being in Reggie's head.
In true Phantasm nature things were all over the place. I made my own theory or what was happening in this film, but I think it confused lots of the audience. Had they stuck a little clearer with this being in Reggie's mind, and as he passes away he's finally with his friends in this fantasy/universe where he believes he's a warrior. He's with his loved ones, and he has a purpose. This was what really got me, but with a clearer storyline it would have been shown better with a much less confusing ending.


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