Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 12 of 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Day 12 of 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Today's choice for 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes is one of my personal favorite movies.

Amityville 1992.

Not only do I believe after part II is this the strongest entry in the series, but one of the most underrated horror movies from the 1990's when in all honestly the well was becoming quite dry. Sure this movie isn't perfect, it's cheesy, and pretty laughable, but it really is one of the strongest installments. Featuring effects by KNB, directed by the same guy who made the amazing Hellhound Hellraiser II, and with amazing actors, and a pretty solid script with a great ending, this is a movie I will always recommend to anyone. Next year this movie turns 25. Is it too much to dream of a SE blu-ray with a commentary with Megan Ward and Damon Martin.

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