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Interview with Eddie Spuhgetti from Here Lies!

Interview with Eddie Spuhgetti from Here Lies!

What inspired you to start Here Lies?
Holy smokes, well pretty much I had some experience on my belt regarding writing in general: did some newspaper work, scripts, short films and web-based articles (primarily involving horror sites).  When it came to a point where I was about to start work for one of the more familiar names, I realized what I was pitching them was way too big in scale.  So I got a bit of inspiration from a fellow blogger and looked at doing a blog but then was suggested a video-review series where I could not only discuss the many interesting things I own (DeLorean, Proton Pack, boxed toys, etc) but more importantly show people how they themselves can acquire these things with the right homework.  I went to work at building a brand that could encompass everything together and made a name change (Spa-ghetti became Spuh-ghetti), thus Here Lies was born.

What were some of your favorite movies growing up?
Legend has it that a young Eddie was known to put on a tape with Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein almost every day of the week.  Grew up on Universal Monsters heavily; flicks, the re-issued Aurora model kits, coloring books.  Besides that, I stuck to comedies mainly: Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Dennis The Menace (I say "GD" in everyday conversation because of it), Back To The Future.  Actually, my folks were pretty influential in what I got into and they made the right choice by making me watch Beverly Hills Cop when I was five.

Last year you began making Halloween and Christmas companion VHS tapes that have become very popular. What made you think of this brilliant idea?
So technically, the first Halloween tape was created three or four years ago as a grand prize for an annual Halloween party I host.  I think the year after that, I felt some friends would be interested in a copy so I put it up for grabs but it wasn't branded with Here Lies (neither is the X-Mas tape but that will change..) nor did I really put a lot of effort into promoting it.  I've been editing video since I was 13 and later went to school for it so I have a good sense of rhythm when it comes to these things (I don't edit Here Lies content as we have editors but I am a consultant before it gets the green.).  I mean, one of the dreams of video tape fiends is finding an amazing mix of original commercials on an old tape that some kid made; I took that concept and added a professional touch to it.  The first Halloween tape doesn't represent that fully but I made a better effort for the X-Mas one and now with VOL. 2, I've really honed the style that I want them to represent.  I want people to be able to put the tape on and use it to strengthen their mood in helping create their own content.  Or you know, break out the beers and scream "I remember that!" with their buds.

What can we look forward to tape wise? More holiday themed fun?
I've been asked if I am ever going to host a tape and I can confirm that I intend to: most likely it will be a "Best Of" or "Eddie's Favourites" tape as there's only so many holidays and I doubt anybody would really want a Canada Day one (Degrassi Jr. High episodes/Loblaws commercials).  Originally before I chose to do a VOL. 2 for Halloween, I was leaning towards re-editing the first and fix it up structure wise; I may do that for next year as we got tons of people asking for both tapes this year.

Favorite ending to a movie?
To Live and Die In L.A., without a doubt.  Most people know I'm a Betamax aficionado and when I started getting into it, I made the effort to purchase a lot of films that I had never seen before: To Live And Die being one of them.  It's really ambiguous and makes no damn sense until you watch it a 2nd time and start noticing the personality changes to the supporting character who it involves.  I love a film that makes you rewind the ending because you don't understand it; there's a challenge there to open your mind more.  Oh, and that Wang Chung soundtrack is bliss.

 What do you currently have in the works?
Right now, Here Lies is in the final process of filming our 2nd season of YouTube episodes, which we changed a bit of the structure around on.  We have a very big Halloween Special to kick things off and a few segment videos that we'll be producing (one involves a haunted road..).  I've also made an agreement with a popular Roku channel to host our videos but that announcement will come sometime later this year.  Aside from Here Lies, I've also joined Newton Wallen and Justin Silverman on their "Planet Frankenstein" feature as a co-writer/script consultant.  They shot a teaser for it recently and it looks wondrous: sci-fi western with a group of heroic, badass women and a nod to the classic Monsters.

What is the most prized piece in your collection?
Probably my DeLorean: not just because it has the most value but because it's technically my first car.  I had to use the thing as my general transportation for a few months at one point.  So I'd drive to work in it, get groceries, etc.

Top five favorite movies?
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Beverly Hills Cop, Home Alone and The Rocketeer.  Besides Texas, they were all favorites of mine growing up and the fact that I still enjoy watching them to this day really shows their strengths.

Favorite VHS artwork?
The Park Is Mine!  Not only does it have the Key Video branding on it but also a camo Tommy Lee Jones shooting an AK-47 in Central Park as a helicopter flies overhead.  Not a bad TV movie that was actually shot in Toronto; Tangerine Dream does the soundtrack!

Of course it has to be said you are a dead ringer for Preacher? Any plans to cosplay him in the future?
So when that show came out, I got, like, six messages from people bringing that up.  I still haven't seen the show.  I should because I think I have a hell of a Halloween costume on my hands.

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