Thursday, September 8, 2016

Halloween mood table breakdown.

 Halloween mood table breakdown.

I know, I know it almost seems cliche' to make a Halloween mood table nowadays. I mean why just decorate one table with all of the stuff that truly reminds you about this magical time of the year? Well after several years of watching others do it, I decided why not toss a "mood" table in along with the rest of my decorations that cover practically 80% of my house? Wondering where I would put it I decided to use my coffee table downstairs in my den simply because it was the only table besides my dinning room table that could hold all of the junk I felt perfectly captured my state of mind in the fall. Here I'm breaking down what's on this table and why.

1) Clown on DVD - I'm sure I'm not the only twisted freak out there that absolutely LOVED Clown when it finally came out after years of waiting. This movie is like the old splatter horror movie Rejuvenator, where somebody is slowly being transformed into something and there's nothing they can do about it. Loved the practical effects, and overall story. This baby finally was officially released so it's a must to always show a new awesome horror movie to gear up for Halloween!

2) Joe Bob Briggs autograph - I had the complete pleasure of finally meeting Mr. Joe Bob Briggs this past June. Joe Bob has been a hero of mine ever since I was little and used to watch Monstervision. He's the main reason behind my love of reviewing and watching B movies. It's pretty safe to say I was beyond star struck when he wrote "To Stacy, the B movie queen of Boston." This is a framed autograph that always sits next to my couch so I can stare at that handsome devil.

3) Night Of The Demons soundtrack on vinyl - I really just started collecting records these past few years ever since I bought a record player. I mostly only buy killer re-releases of soundtracks I love. I usually don't buy records, but last spring when I saw Night Of The Demons on vinyl I knew this was a must. Not only is it one of my favorite Halloween themed films, but it's killer soundtrack is something I've favored for years. One of the many themes I'll have playing in the background these next few months!

4) Photo of myself by Travis Falligant - Travis Falligant is my favorite artist out there. I've hired him several times before, he's done an amazing piece of Zach Galligan from Waxwork II for me as well as the epic Career Of Damon Martin art series we're working on together. Last year I was lucky enough to be made into another amazing piece of artwork by him. What says Halloween more than artwork of yourself turned into a ghoul?!

5) Theater Of Creeps pin - Shane Murphy not only is an amazing tattoo artist, but he also runs a kick ass company called Theater Of Creeps. It seems as of lately everyone is making pins, but Shane's is top of the line. So far I only own several but I can't wait to see what's next!

6) Halloween snow globe - I was lucky enough to buy that rare boxset of Halloween on VHS when it turned twenty as well as the amazing snow globe of Laurie being stalked by Michael. I always make sure to put this one out during the month of October. 

7) 8 Horror movie pack -  One of the best DVD packs out there has to be the one released several years ago that features Waxwork, 976 Evil 2, Ghoulies III, Chud II, Class of 1999, Slaughter High, and The Unholy. Thanks to a certain company I won't be needing the pack much longer since a few of these amazing titles are being released on blu-ray! Still I always make it a tradition to watch these movies all in a row during the fall.

8) Squishy brain - Why not have squishy body parts and organs laying around? 

9) Hi-C Ecto Cooler - These babies took over the entire summer this past year. I know people are still searching for them. Nothing says Halloween more than drinking this amazing yummy green drink!

10) Night Of The Creeps jar - Now that Night Of The Creeps is turning 30 why not have a jar of your very own Creeps? Yep, if you message me via here or Facebook you can own a jar of creeps for your very own home! I will be selling these babies at Rock & Shock.

11) Squishy eyeball - Again why not have more body parts you can play with?

12) Staystill FX custom coffins! - Again I'm cranking these babies out. I take custom orders (again contact me here, IG, or Facebook) Here you can get coffin boxes based off any of your favorite movies that are jammed pack full of goodies! These will also be sold at Rock & Shock!

13) VHS cover art book by Thomas Hodge - This past summer I ordered one of the best books out there that showcase some of the best artwork. It's these kinds of books you open up on a chilly October morning to inspire you on what horror movie to watch next!

14) Night Life VHS - This is another rare 1980's gem that is just screaming to be released back in print. I own this movie on VHS and bootleg and it's now become a favorite of mine to watch around the fall. The movie tells the tale of a young teenager who works at a funeral home and how one night during a storm a whole bunch of zombies come back to life to attack him. Highly recommend since it has the ginger from Critters in it!

15) Body parts slime - I'm a sucker for anything fall themed they sell at the dollar store. I love little things like this. Not only is it gross, but it's always great to throw in for a giveaway!

16) The Midnight Hour VHS - My all time favorite Halloween themed movie is The Midnight Hour. This movie is another one that's just dying to be put back into print. I watch this movie at least ten times before Halloween. I got this tape years ago at a convention and it's one of my favorite items in my collection. Plus the lead star signed it!

17) Pumpkins, and anything that smells like fall! - Pumpkin everything, leafs, and anything Halloween themed for decorations. If it smells like Cider donuts or pumpkins I'm in. Every Halloween table should be packed with this stuff.

So that's the basics, I'm sure I'll be adding on. What would you put on yours? 

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