Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ghostbuster burgers, what will they think of next?!

Ghostbuster burgers, what will they think of next?!
This past week I heard that the small fast food chain of Wayback Brugers was doing a pretty cool promotion due to the Ghostbuster reboot's blu-ray release as well as the up coming Halloween season. Here they had several items on the menu transformed into yummy little treats based off the movie. I myself never went to go see the reboot this summer. I wasn't against nor for the movie. I like the original film but I wouldn't call myself a massive fan. Still, this summer the only thing I could truly hand to this new film was the fact we got Ecto Cooler back. I've never been huge on promotional themed foods (I never tried the black Whooper that made you shit green.) but I do enjoy fall seasonal treats such as candy corn, Pumpkhead beer, pumpkin peanut butter cups, and in typical white girl fashion pumpkin spice everything. I decided after remembering that there was actually a small Wayback restaurant less than five minutes away from me that I should just say YOLO and go and try these items. I've read several awesome posts so far about these fast food treats and it sparked my interest. Today I ventured out with my friend Mike to experience what all the hype was about. I mean come on, a milkshake with green slime? You have to try that at least once.

Well at least that's what my mind said. My stomach/body without a gallbladder had different plans.

We arrived at Wayback which shares half a building with a local ice cream chain. Inside the place was completely empty, and instantly I spotted the Ghostbuster cut out. I was tempted to stick my face inside it but wondering how many random assholes did the same thing I decided to snap a photo of instead. Plus the thing was right up against the counter. I knew if I even attempted to drag it out for a photo with my luck the entire thing would snap in half and break in front of the employees. Strolling on over to the counter a well mannered young man by the name of Paul who sorta looked like Dwight from The Office took my order. I decided to just order the basics that were part of the whole Ghostbuster promotion thing. This consisted of a cheeseburger with ghost pepper sauce, mac & cheese bites with ghost pepper dipping sauce, and the milkshake with had green lime sauce and marshmallows.  The burger was called a Ghostbustin burger, and the shake the Stay Puff shake. I was practically dying ordering all of this cramp fully knowing I would be running to the restroom within minutes after finishing. 

The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted a small or larger size for my milkshake. I laughed at the difference of size with the cups but knew fully well how my stomach was going to take this experience in terror and opted for the small choice.  

While waiting for our order Mike kept saying how he couldn't believe I was getting ghost pepper since it's such a hot spice. I myself never really had ghost pepper before so I shrugged feeling fairly confident that I could take it like a champ. As we sat at our booth we noticed the sign across the street and seriously died laughing for a solid two minutes.


The Dwight lookalike strolled on over first with my shake and gave me a spoon along with a tiny little container of marshmallows to dump into my beverage.
I felt like royalty.

I sprinkled in several tiny pretty stale tasting marshmallows into my shake and my first overall thoughts of the drink was that it was marshmallow flavored. Now I love myself a shake, and after glancing at the many there were several other flavors I know would have tasted much better. Still for the sake of trying a milkshake that was based off a movie I was pretty happy with it. I used my spoon to scoop away and saw a few faint swirls of the lime sauce. Good, but if you don't like marshmallows stay away...stay far away.

The fact looking back at these photos and my shake looks like clam chowder makes me gag. 

My full order came minutes later. I really can't do fast food ever since I had my gallbladder taken out and my stomach is a complete monster to me so this was a treat. I mean mac & cheese bites? What a time to be alive! While arranging everything I got a small bit of ghost pepper sauce on my finger which I licked away.


Seriously the hottest thing I ever tasted. I love spicy stuff, but this was like the 9th circle of hell burning down my throat. My eyes watered up, I choked, and I think a little snot came out of my nose. Knowing that such a little bit did that much damage made me instantly toss away the dipping sauce. I may be crazy, but I'm not fucking crazy.

Still, I had that hot lava to look forward to smeared all over my burger. Argh...
The mac & cheese bites were little fried triangle pieces of heaven. Most likely I took at least five years of my life off tasting these but they weren't that bad. My burger was pretty good. It actually tasted like a real burger. I ate 99% of it since with each bite the ghost pepper sauce was making my lips numb. I would love to try a regular plain burger without feeling as if I was going to vomit fire. Don't let this make you think the burger was awful. It was actually really good, I just think this sauce was way too over powering but I do get the clever little use of the "ghost pepper" for a movie like Ghostbusters. 

This isn't the most flattering of photos for my burger but it was really good. Still, if I ever ordered there again I would take it plain instead of having whatever witchcraft that ghost pepper sauce was.

The only thing I fully finished since it was my main source of cooling off my burning taste buds was my stay puff milkshake. When I looked into the cup I was pleasantly surprised to see the remains of green slime smeared at the bottom of the cup along with a few random "ghosts" aka marshmallows.

My overall thoughts of my meal was that it wouldn't be something I would ever order again. It was tasty but not really that amazing. The shake was my favorite part, but the ghost pepper was way too overwhelming. In fact several hours later I swallowed several of these babies...

Payback is a pretty decent smaller chain with really good burgers. The mac & cheese bites were good, but not amazing, and the shake was something for a person who isn't crazy about marshmallows as something cool to drink once around this time of year. Like I said, if the Ghostbuster reboot is responsible for anything, it's bringing fun little treats out there for fans. Still I prefer ecto cooler over this entire meal.

At least I have a few random little ghosts trapped.

Oh and as Mike and I drove back while I was finishing my milkshake we brought up the restaurant Sonic where they make milkshakes.

Mike - The shake was good but Sonic make better ones.
Me - Ah Sonic, or as I like to call it hot garbage. 
Mike - * laughing* Yeah that should be the name, Hot Garbage.
Me - Or 40$ bill, or twenty minute wait. 
Mike - Or "We will get your order wrong"
= Cut to us laughing our asses off.

So go and try this yummy little experience and let me know what you thought!
Again, what a time to be alive!!!

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