Monday, September 5, 2016

Don't Fall Asleep: A fan film (2016)

 Don't Fall Asleep: A fan film (2016)

PLOT - Taking place shortly after the events of the original film, Nancy is committed to a private institution by her father who refuses to believe what truly happened. Here Nancy meets three other young adults who are suffering from the same nightmares as her. 

LOWDOWN - I'm sure I wasn't the only Elm Street fan out there that got a huge kick out of artist Nathan Thomas Milliner's The Confession Of Fred Krueger. Here, Nathan directed a short film which took place in the same universe as the other Elm Street movies, almost serving as a brilliant prequel to the original film's events. The film was shown during HorrorHound weekend last year which was a special one for Freddy fans simply because it took place shortly after Wes Craven's passing. In the audience were two pretty bad ass cosplayers, Diandra Lazor, and Paige Troxell both massive Elm Street fans, as well as very talented filmmakers. Getting inspired by Nathan's effort of complete love for this series they decided to team up over this past year began shooting Don't Fall Asleep, a fan that focuses on one of the best final girls out there...


Many fans have been itching for any taste of something new to the series. After the mess otherwise known as the remake in 2010 the movies have sorta been stuck in a sort of limbo. For years there have been rumors that the movie will get remade again. What fans really want is another taste. There have been arguments about Robert no longer being part of the series, or if they want more sequels. Luckily in this day of age anybody can make a movie. What makes it even better is horror fans are the most passionate and whatever they make it really is for other fans like themselves. To quote director Sam Raimi "Anyone can be a director, you have cameras on your phones! There is no excuse to write and make a world of your own." Thanks to Paige, Diandra, and several other talented fans we were able to see a true effort of how much these people love these characters. I myself have been following the production for this for months now and was completely sparked when it finally aired today on Youtube at noon.

This will be a spoiler free review simply because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it. I highly enjoyed the movie, and have to give the girls props with what they made with such a low budget. It's hard to establish a clear storyline with shot on video movies, but we were given a rich story, fleshing out Nancy even more as the first person who ever defeated Freddy. The movie shows events that happen between part 1 and 3. There are tons of little Easter eggs for fans, and little nods to the movies. It shows yet again how tragic this character was, and how even more heartbreaking it feels when her character in part three is killed. If this is the freshman effort to this group of filmmakers I can't wait to see what's next!

Watch here to witness Don't Sleep Again!

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