Thursday, August 4, 2016

25 reasons why I love The Terminator.

 25 reasons why I love The Terminator. 
Two of my all time favorite movies are Terminator and Terminator 2. Both movies are amazing, but since T2 is such an epic sci-fi adventure with effects that hold up 25 + years later, I feel the original often gets over shadowed. Many people forget how scary part 1 actually is. That it's a slasher, a love story, and a science fiction film. Here are my top 25 reasons why I love this film!!!

1). The fact it's a slasher with a sci-fi twist.

2) The killer theme by Brad Friedel

3) The gritty shots of what the real Los Angeles looks like.

4) Michael Biehn's stellar performance as Kyle Reece. 

5) His sneakers.

5) How terrifying Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this.

6) "I think this guy is a few beers shy of a six pack!"

7) Linda Hamilton's awesome scooter.

8) The kid who puts a scoop of ice cream into Sarah's pocket.

9) Dick Miller's killer cameo.

10) Sarah's roommate ginger.

11) Tech Noir 

12) The fact Ginger makes ants on a log after having sex.

13) The amazing edge of your seat chase scenes!

14) The gross eyeball effect!!!

15) "I'll be back!"

16) The terrifying police shoot out.

17) Biehn and Hamilton's amazing chemistry.

18) The flashbacks. The fact this movie had a very low budget still amazes me.

19) "Fuck you asshole."

20) Kyle's speech of going across time for Sarah. Holy feels.

21) Did I say how FUCKING scary he is?!!!

22) The fact this was a miniature.

23) "You're terminated fucker."

24) Sarah's tapes to John. "In the few hours we shared, we loved a lifetime's worth." = tears.

25) The fact it leaves the movie perfectly open for a sequel which we got and it was amazing.

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