Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Here's what's happening this week...

 Here's what's happening this week...

Yep, that's right. After years of waiting, and waiting, and waiting it finally paid off. It seems that Lionsgate is planning on cranking out what they are calling "The Vestron Video Collector's Series." All ready they have very big releases of both Chopping Mall and Blood Diner. These babies are going the royal treatment with killer extras. Well, as if my prayers were answered another batch of titles also original from Vestron were announced as well for blu-ray treatment. Return Of The Living Dead III, C.H.U.D II Bud The Chud. AND...

"Drumroll please"


I seriously shed some tears of nerd joy yesterday when I was informed of this release. I honestly couldn't believe it. For those who know me, they understand how important these two movies are to me. Since 2013 I've been pushing for this to happen and even started a small little Facebook page trying to gain support in these films getting the treatment they deserve.

I don't know much, but I do know the people behind this won't let fans down. I'm thrilled, and more than a little excited over what's ahead. This is a huge victory for a fan like me. I'm all smiles. 

2) Cavitycolors - Ghoulies line!!! -
Another movie I'm sure people that know me have heard me rave about once or twice. This being Ghoulies 2. I adore this film, and have been bumming over the lack of march/shirts/and pins on these Ghoulie movies. Yeah, I like the first and third movie...but the second is what's near and dear to my heart. Now I know the artwork that's been released is mostly Ghoulies 1 themed, but as a super fan I am very excited over this release that goes live tomorrow. Shirts and pins for all! Fingers crossed if this is a success for this company we'll get artwork based off the sequel!

3) Jeffery Dean Morgan ont the cover of EW -
I rarely, and I stress rarely read Entertainment Weekly. After following the events of Comic Con last weekend, I'm 100% pumped over this next season of The Walking Dead. I'll admit, I drifted away from the series for several years simply because of unlikeable characters. I slowly got back into it this year when news broke that Mr. Morgan would be playing the villain of Negan. It's been years since I got so excited for a TV character. Now that we've gotten a taste, I'm 100% on board for this up coming season. Seeing that handsome S.O.B on the cover makes me a very happy girl indeed.

4) Ordered a new pin and killer T-shirt!!! -
Might not seem like a big deal, but I'm super behind on the pin game. I own several, but really haven't gotten off my ass to start ordering them. I only own a few, but I'm slowly trying to buy pins from my favorite companies. I still haven't gotten around to ordering from most of them, but I decided to start now. Got one from - Run by my talented tattoo artist Shane Murphy. I own only one pin from him so far, but I decided to celebrate summer in style by getting his awesome Jaws pin. The second thing I ordered was a great T-shirt from who is about to release as mentioned above a killer Ghoulies collection. They released an amazing Pee Wee's Big Adventure T-shirt based off my favorite scene of Large Marge. I've been dying to get this one for a while and decided to treat myself as an early birthday gift. I'm hoping to get the Large Marge pin soon as well. I mean come on, these are classic!!!

5) Planning second official episode of Podcast! -
After many, many, many attempts on uploading me and Chad from The Horror BBQ podcast The Terror Twins, we finally found success when we uploaded finally our first episode based off summer favorite movies last month. Currently the two of us are hoping to record one last episode before the end of summer. Our theme will be Convention Guests. Our favorites and least favorites. Stay tuned! Besides that, I'm still finishing up Staystillreview's Sensational Summer. So, keep reading and enjoy!!!

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