Monday, August 8, 2016

Top psychic movies.

 Top Psychic movies.
To celebrate this week of Galligan themed goodness, I decided to list off some of my all time favorite movies featuring psychics. Gilligan was in a really decent thriller back in 91 called Psychic. The film featured Zach playing a young college student named Patrick in Boston who has a powerful ability of second sight. A power that has haunted him for many years. Now a series of brutal murders begin to pop up all over the city and Patrick begins to believe his new girlfriend, a beautiful young professor might be the next victim. 

Sounds pretty good huh?

Sadly Psychic is out of print but you can still order it over at VHSPS.

I highly recommend it and fun fact - Zach blew out his vocal cords while making Mortal Passions pervious to working on this movie. Before getting surgery to repair the damage, Zach spoke in a much deeper raspy voice while making this movie. You can tell the difference between this movie and other projects of his. Pretty cool huh?

Zach is my favorite psychic after Madame Ruby from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
It's in the basement...

So here are some of the best psychic movies out there. Which ones are your favorites?

The Gift

X-Men films

The Shinning

Rose Red

The 6th Sense

The Dead Zone

The Wolfman

The Eyes Of Laura Mars


The Conjuring 

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