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Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 5! - Jurassic July - What should be in Jurassic World part II?

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 5! - Jurassic July - What should be in Jurassic World part II?
Did I love Jurassic World? Eh, it by no means measured up to the original Jurassic Park. I felt it was seriously a huge overload of CGI, unlikeable characters, and didn't hold the magic the first movie did. But, I will say I did enjoy the whole idea that the park actually after all of it's history was in fact a running popular amusement attraction. (Any movies about amusement parks I always get a kick out of. Beverly Hills Cop 3 anyone?) I did like that they returned to the original island, and I feel this is the true sequel to Jurassic Park since I absolutely hated The Lost World and part III. So, I'm pretty pumped that we have Jurassic World 2 to look forward to. Here are five things I can only hope to see in this up coming film!

Muldoon's son. 
- I know it's a long shot, but hey a girl can dream right? For anyone who follows my blog or knows me understands how much I love the character of Robert Muldoon. What made The Lost World so empty to be was the fact that even though in the novel of Jurassic Park he survives, he doesn't in the film. Mind you his death is beyond legendary, and in actuality there was a scene filmed, showing In-Gen talking about the settlements the park's victims received following the events of the first film. Wanting to keep the door open on this character since he was so popular, they cut it in case they ever wanted him to return wounded (Remember, he never actually see him get killed) Sadly actor Bob Peck passed away in 1999. I would lOVE to see someone worthy enough to attempt to fill the shoes Mr. Peck left. Wouldn't it be bad ass if a man very similar to Muldoon comes to the island seeking revenge for his father's death? What if he was just a child or teen when the original film's events took place and for years he's been wanting to get even with these creatures as well as In-Gen? Talk about badass and one HELL of a way to pay tribute to Mr. Peck.

Tame down on the CGI, use for practical effects.
- It kills me to see how much CGI they used in Jurassic World. I understand there's no way studios can get away from it, but why can't they do what they mastered with the first film? Blend CGI and practical effects together? Sadly it's all a quick way to make money. It's horrible to think that Jurassic World, just a year old now is all ready showing it's age in CGI, but the one or so scenes with puppets holds up just like the first film. Kills me. Would be awesome to see more practical puppets and effects in the newest film.

Dern, Goldblum, and Neil return.
- The biggest mistake I feel for The Lost World was just having Malcolm return. In fact, his character didn't even seem like his character anymore. It was downright heartbreaking. Neil and Dern returned for part III, but it just didn't seem right with Goldblum missing. What made the first film work so well was the fact everyone worked so well together. In this next sequel I would kill to see the original three cast members all together again after all these years.

Have Steven Spielberg return to direct.
This really isn't something to have much faith in since Spielberg did in fact return for The Lost World and in my eyes it was HORRIBLE. Still, maybe after all these years he could still capture the same magic he made with the first film and get the old gang back together. With the right script who knows?

Lots of edge of your seat action.
It goes without saying Jurassic World 2 would be in 3D, have tons of action, and new creatures. What we need for this new movie is more memorable moments with the swelling score blasting. We need times that pay tribute to the first film, and others that are down right terrifying. I would love scenes like the jeep scene with the T-rex from the first. Moments where the audience legit are having a panic attack pinned to their seats watching helplessly. Beyond awesome. Let's make it happen!!!

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