Saturday, July 9, 2016

Best songs featured in movies from the 1980's!

 Best songs featured in movies from the 1980's

As the 4th week of Staystillreview's Sensational Summer part duex comes to a close, and we're rounding up for week 5 which will personally be one of my favorites "Jurassic July", I decided to show some of the best songs featured in movies from this very awesome decade!

Where's The Fire - The Wraith 

Mind Over Matter - Summer School

Pretty In Pink - Pretty In Pink

Don't You Forget About Me - The Breakfast Club

Staring Down The Demons - Thrashin' 

Danger Zone - Top Gun

What A Feeling - Flash Dance

Footloose - Footloose 

Weird Science - Weird Science 
Eyes Of A Stranger - Valley Girl

Good Man In A Bad Time - Fright Night

Back In Time - Back To The Future

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