Friday, July 8, 2016

Best VHS artwork from the 1980's!!!

 Best VHS artwork from the 1980's!!!
To celebrate this week's theme of the 1980's I decided to post a handful of some of my all time favorite VHS covers from this decade. Trust me, if I had all day there would most likely be hundreds I would pick, so I tried my hardest to narrow it down. Here are posters that were not only eye catching but totally awesome!!!

Return Of The Living Dead

Dangerously Close

Radioactive Dreams

Killer Party

Masters Of The Universe

Ghoulies II

April Fools Day

The Nest

Grandview U.S.A


A Nightmare On Elm Street

Fright Night

The Video Dead

The Mutilator 

Nightmare Maker

The Experts

Party Camp

Dream A Little Dream

My Science Project

After School

American Drive In

Separate Vacations

Hot Pursuit

The Goonies

Hollywood Monster

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