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5 reasons why Robert Muldoon is the best character ever.

 5 reasons why Robert Muldoon is the best character ever.
With continuing this week's theme of Jurassic July, I decided to post 5 top reasons why I believe Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park is the best character ever to grace the silver screen.

1) He's the voice of reason, and gives zero fucks.
In both the novel and film, Robert Muldoon is truly the only person on the island that isn't blinded even for a second by these creatures. A game warden from Kenya, he originally worked for John in his other park Tiger World before being hired to come aboard Jurassic Park. He's the best of the best, but as John even calls him, a bit of an alarmist and has every right. In the epic opening of this movie, we witness Robert desperately trying to save a worker before he locks eyes with the head raptor who's being transported. He strolls over during John's big tour, and doesn't give two flying fucks and right off the bat starts telling the guests who smart and down right dangerous these raptors are, pretty much ignoring his boss the entire time. For those of you who have read the novel, despite Muldoon's flaws, he keeps some heavy duty weapons handy just in case, and isn't afraid to venture into the park when it's the most dangerous. 

2) His legs...
- BAM! That's a leg! BAM! BAM! Played by the late Bob Peck, Robert Muldoon was truly brought to life in this 93 classic. Played by a man in his mid forties, Muldoon seriously gives Grant and Malcolm a run for their money looks wise. With his sharp blade nose, big blue eyes, and muscular legs, he's the thing made for fantasies. I honestly can't even focus when the man is on screen. Hot damnnnnn!

3) Epic onscreen death.
Jurassic Park doesn't have a high body count, but what it does have is truly amazing moments. One of the best in my eyes goes to Robert Muldoon's death. In the novel, Robert actually lives. I gotta hand it to Mr. Spielberg for killing this character off. At the film's most intense moment, Ellie and Muldoon are forced to go outside and turn the power back on after Mr. Arnold doesn't return. Giving Ellie a chance to run to the power shed. Here, as the hunter he is he spots the raptor a few feet away. Slowly, he unfolds his gun, squats down, and BANG! Just as Grant said earlier to the 6 foot turkey kid, the raptors worked together and attack. It's heartbreaking to see such a cool character bite the dust, but what a way to go!

4) Says some of the film's most memorable quotes.
"Shoot her! Shoot her! or of course the amazing line that audiences and fans will quote to this day. "Clever girl." One of the best final lines ever uttered by a character before they are eaten alive. If you ever check "Clever girl." as a hastag, it's a complete riot. 

5) Stacy has a tattoo of him...
Okay, maybe this isn't a huge reason why he rocks, but come on now...how awesome is this tattoo? After watching Jurassic World, I was reminded over how much I adored the original film, and how much I loved Robert Muldoon. Wanting to pay tribute to him, and actor Bob Peck I had my very talented tattoo artist Shane Murphy do what I believe is my all time favorite tattoo. I have seen tons of "Clever girl." tattoos, and only a small handful of Muldoon ones, but not to brag or anything but this one by far is the best. Just another reason why this character 20+ years later still is beyond awesome.

Long live Muldoon!!!

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