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Scare-A-Con Recap 2016!

 Scare-A-Con Recap 2016!

Yesterday, my friend Sean and I traveled practically half way across the state to attend our very first Scare-A-Con,  a brand new convention that usually was held in the New York state and for the very first time was branched off to Mass. I had been playing around about attending since with my job it's harder to travel/take time off to go to these things if they aren't local. Deciding to say YOLO Sean picked me up bright and early and we traveled the highways listening to John Carpenter's Lost Themes II and The New Nightmare soundtrack. (I never noticed before how truly chilling and beautiful that soundtrack truly is.) After bullshitting about movies for a good hour we were able to get great parking straight across from the convention center on the first floor which made it easier if we had to go back to the car to drop anything off. Now I've heard some really shitty things about Springfield, but honestly where this convention was being held it must have been the "nice" area of the city. Mind you afterwards as we left that evening we got to see the true nature of the city by passing some of the slums, but where this was reminded me a lot of where Rock & Shock is held. 

Since we got there early we got there early, we chilled in the lobby where I met up with the Duffy family and their adorable family. I have been friends with the Duffy family for several years now and Meg (the mother) is legit the coolest parent on the planet. She runs Fiona Fright Shop which sells handmade all natural soaps based off horror movies. I first began buying from this vendor after I was lucky enough to see a screening of The Gate a few years back with Meg and her daughter. Her Honey Island Swamp Bars are to die for based off the Hatchet series. I caught up with them since last summer I did the effects on Fiona's short film Daddy Deadest which has been traveling the festival circuit and has been gathering a pretty good buzz. I myself haven't even seen it yet! I straight out asked them if they knew where I could score any Ecto Cooler. (I felt like a druggy looking for a hit.) but I like so many others found this task to be mission IMPOSSIBLE and wasn't about to order cases off line. Luckily since that family rules they told me they ordered cases of the cans themselves and would be more than happy to give me one. I'm still in awe over how amazing my friends are. Can't thank them enough.

I of course instantly began getting star struck which is something that usually doesn't happen. I've been attending conventions from all over for ten years now and I've practically met everyone I've wanted to meet. Believe it or not I just really don't get that excited whenever I pass a guest, or walk by their table. Having staffed HorrorHound and being up close with these actors and artist I just see them as regular people. There is a very short list of people I still want to meet, and I'm happy to see that list get smaller and smaller. Still, I couldn't help but smile when I saw one of the Ghost Hunters walk by (My mother used to love that show and I have great memories watching it with her.) and seeing Tom Atkins (who I've met several times before and is absolutely in love with.) but I knew I was going to be a wreck when I saw Joe Bob Briggs walk by shortly before the doors opened. Legit, I was speechless as was Sean. He seriously looks the part, tall, handsome, dressed like a cowboy and even had snake skin boots! I was in complete and total awe. Right away Sean and I knew Joe Bob HAD to be the first guest we met.

I have been a massive Joe Bob Briggs fan since my childhood where I remember watching him as Deputy Joe Bob in Stephen King's The Stand "You don't have to be so grouchy about it Cynthia." and of course TNT's Monstervistion. I can't tell you how many movies I watched with him doing his Drive In Totals. I have always had a massive crush on him (Loved his deleted scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Casino) I was lucky enough where a friend at school met him several years ago with her little daughter (they took the cutest photo with him) and were nice enough to get me his autograph. It has been a mission of mine to meet him in person and give him a hug. He's seriously one of the main reasons I love B movies and love blogging and reviewing about them. I feel we haven't had a host like him since his show went off the air and I have wonderful memories growing up listening to that sexy smooth Southern voice of his. "Swoon..." When we met him I seriously am surprised I was able to talk. I explained how I grew up watching him on The Stand and how special it was watching him on Monstervision. He asked if I had ever been to the drive-in which I admired not yet, but I had heard of a few local ones and it was on my list to try and go. We chatted for a bit and when it came time to snap the photo I couldn't help it and just squeezed him. I look like a complete psycho in the photo but he seemed tickled pink over how flustered I was meeting him. Legit I was shaking. Such a soft spoken humble guy who I will forever remember meeting. Such a class act! Also our wedding is in the fall FYI.

After that Sean and I went to meet Tom Atkins. I couldn't believe that Sean had never met Atkins before so this was a must. I've met Atkins twice (Once when I was eighteen at Monster Mania, and other time at HorrorHound.) Both times he was completely amazing and made me love him even more. I brought my Electric Zombie Night Of The Creeps print (since it's turning 30 this year) and had the cast sign it. Atkins as always was amazing. He noticed my star tattoo on my hand and began talking about his son Taylor (who is a year younger than me!) and a tattoo he had involving stars and planets. The story ended with his son getting it all removed which caused the entire line to laugh. I told him how handsome he is, and he chuckled as he signed my print and we took the most adorable photo together. When Sean met him he spoke about a group of guys who used to post together over movies back in the day and they called the group the Miller Timers, causing Atkins to laugh which was pure magic. As always Atkins was a class act and I love him very much. One of the best people around!

Next was Jason Lively. I have loved Jason Lively for years (Yep, Blake's older brother) ever since I first saw him in European Vacation and then Night Of The Creeps. I love me a ginger, so he was a crush of mine growing up. I even loved Ghost Chase aka Hollywood Monster. So I brought my NOTC print as well as my German Hollywood monster poster. A poster that I've owned since 2006 or so and even hung in my room up at school. Jason is near and dear to my heart since while I was at school one of my very good friends Amanda and I were constantly joking over his character in European Vacation. Jason has always seemed like such an awesome guy at shows. The type who will have a beer with you, party after hours, and really seem interested meeting his fans. I am a witness to say all of this is true. By far one of the nicest most down to earth guys I've ever met at a show. First he gave me a huge hug, and loved the poster I brought. I loved how every cast member of NOTC yesterday and really never seen this print before and seemed blown away whenever I unrolled it on their table. The best was his reaction when I handed him the Hollywood Monster poster in which he spoke the tagline in German to me. I was legit crying laughing as he was joking around with Stephen over not being in the movie, and told me stories about European Vacation and got a massive kick out of how much me and Amanda loved him in it. I took a short video of him singing to Amanda but my phone blows and it looks like some weird MTV effect on it. Still, I got it and couldn't stop laughing as he sung "Is it youuuuu?" into my phone. Such a funny guy and what was even cooler was he spotted another fan wearing the same Night Of The Creeps shirt as I was and had us take a photo with him on his phone. 15 year old Stacy was dying on the inside. 

I met Stephen Marshell next and this guy is seriously so humble and nice. His little banter with Jason side by side was awesome and he had me dying when he spoke about Jill sleeping in my accident and was coming downstairs shortly. We talked for a while, about the film and when Hollywood in the 1980's. He told me a story about himself and several other huge stars who have now become sober at the time playing a game where they had to say what they were afraid one. A popular actress at the time gave the most honest answer. Coke. Stephen said everyone in the room agreed and that's when he knew he needed to leave that scene before it got bad. I have the most outward respect for the man and was beyond awesome. Even when I returned later to meet Jill we stopped and talked a little longer. He remembered me, and talked about the cult following the film had and began busting Jason's balls over how he didn't know his room number. One of the most friendliest guests there. I insist more people meet this man.

After that I decided to say fuck it and meet Patty Mullen and James Lorenz from Frankenhooker. I adore this movie (as I do with the Basket Case sequels and Brain Damage) The moment I walked up to their booth I saw them holding each other, both dressed up as their characters and my heart melted. I decided to finally buy the movie on blu-ray and both were beyond awesome. This is where I probably spent most of my time talking. Patty is gorgeous, and James is seriously so funny. We talked about our careers, school, the movie, and overall just life. James is such a nice guy and had me and Sean dying. I would say my favorite photo of the weekend was me and Patty.

On our way to the car I may have shouted Peace Out Westside! To my buddy and tattoo artist Shane as he left causing him to hit the curb on the road. I was dying laughing as shitty as that was hahahaha.

Sean met Adriene Barbeau who was simply lovely and still looks beautiful. After a quick stop to the car, I returned and was able to meet Jill Whitlow who was simply such a cutie pie. I love Jill and have loved her for years. She was so adorable, and more than happy to sign the print and take a selfie with me. I have nothing but the best things to say about the Night Of The Creeps cast. They were such a fun crowd and I can't go on about how wonderful they are!

Sean and I cruised around the vendors for a while and as sad as it was as cool as they were, really besides four or five nothing really that crazy. I was able to buy from the Duffy family some Ecto Cleaner soap which smells just like the drink, AND donate 5$ to the Ghostbusters of New England and get 5, count em 5 Ecto cooler juice boxes. Now I'm not on a massive hunt over these things like some people are, but between the can I got and the juice boxes I feel it's worthy of a review post via blog. Me and Sean later on tasted the juice and it was simply wonderful. Tasted like a ripe 1992 which is a good year indeed. Stay tuned for a whole review off the drink soon!

I ended up scoring a few bootlegs such as Devil Dog From Hell, and Don't Go To Sleep (one of my new favorite made for TV movies.) as well as Frightmare on blu-ray which was a blind buy (let's hope it doesn't shit on my chest.) I also snagged a killer Jurassic Park print as well. My biggest pick up had to me the Bruce The Shark re-action figure I scored! I've been looking everywhere for this baby and was thrilled I could find it for so cheap! He'll be with my Hooper doll in my den until I find the chief and Quint! Not a huge haul, but good enough for me! 

I ran into several friends such as Chris, Alex, and TJ. It's always so good to go to these things and catch up with people you only get to see a few times a year. I could honestly just bullshit about movies all day and feel like I'm in Heaven.

After viewing the opening scene of Night Of The Creeps during a screening, we hung around a bit longer mostly just circling around the small vendor room until attending a Q&A with Joe Bob Briggs at the end of the night. We sat front row and had the biggest smiles on our faces. I could seriously listen to Joe Bob talk all day and never get sick of it. Beyond awesome.

So all and all my total review was that I had an awesome time. I felt it was a little underwhelming with the vendors and could have been bigger BUT I'm taking into mind that this was their first convention in Mass and might have been testing out their sea legs. I feel the guest line-up was beyond amazing (dare I say better than Rock & Shock) but could have been bigger and more screenings/Q&As throughout the day. Besides that a killer time with some awesome people. I'm in awe over who I met and will very much look forward to attending again if they do another show!

Love ya Joe Bob!

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