Thursday, May 26, 2016

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Deux!

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Deux!
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yep, that's night. I decided to go for another round with Staystillreview's Sensational Summer! This time around I decided to cut it a little shorter than last year, but instead of covering strictly movies, I'm branching out. Here are the weekly themes. Now there may not be a post everyday, but the ones that are put up each week will be well worth it. I have been planning this line-up for the last month or so. There will be reviews, artist spotlights, interviews, trailers, original artwork, and yes epic giveaways. So stay tuned as we kick off another round of summer themed fun in just a few weeks!

WEEK 1 - June 12th - Tarantino 

WEEK 2 - June 19th - Camp Slashers

WEEK 3 - June 26th - 1980's

WEEK 4 - July 3rd - Jurassic Park

WEEK 5 - July 10th - James Cameron films

WEEK 6 - July 17th - Sharks

WEEK 7 - July 24th - Stephen King

WEEK 8 - July 31st - John Carpenter

WEEK 9 - August 7th - Zach Galligan movies

WEEK 10 - August 14th - 1990'S

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