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Top 10 favorite houses in horror

 Top 10 favorite houses in horror.
Location, location, location. It's everything. If you are anything like me, you love a great setting. Here, I decided to list some of my all time favorite houses featured in a horror movie!

1) 1428 Elm Street. 
- The original setting of one of the most original and vivid horror films of all time. Being featured in several other sequels, the house has seen it all. It's changed the color of the door, and has become something of a haunted house in the town of Springwood. Many fans have argued that there are two houses exactly alike in this universe of films. One being the house Nancy/Jessie lived in, the other being the house Freddy lived in. Eh, not really buying it. I feel it's remained the same house. I can't be the only one that got complete chills when I saw New Nightmare and watched Heather slowly turn around to see her house transformed into 1428. Amazing.

2) 112 Ocean Avenue.
- Most likely the most popular house of horror on the list. What makes this house even scarier than most of the other locations is that it's actually the source of some real life terror all within it's own. Back in the early 1970's a young man murdered his entire family in cold blood. When sent to trial he claimed voices from within the house told him to commit the murders. Soon after a new family moved in and after just 28 days supposedly had to flee in the middle of the night leaving all of their personal belongings behind after stating that the house was haunted. This gave birth to the popular novel and 1979 film The Amityville Horror and it's endless amusing sequels. This is my #1 choice of dream places to visit. Seeing that it's just a few hours away I really don't have any excuse. Hum, road trip anyone?

3) The Cobb House.
- How could I not include the house from well...House! I really don't know what it is about this stunning Victorian mansion, but I've always loved this movie mainly because of the outside of this house. Not only is it the main setting of the 1986 cult classic, it also is beyond eye catching and inspired me to write a novel several years ago. The entire time I wrote about the house where the entire story took place, I was thinking of this one!

4) Bates Motel/mansion.
- What's better than a house and a business just a few feet away? I mean it's a place where you can take a nice relaxing shower! One of the more iconic locations in horror history, is also another huge favorite of mine. The setting of 1960 classic Psycho, along with it's sequels, spin-offs, and yes the awesome TV series Bates Motel. I am completely in love with the giant aging house that looms over the hotel on the hill. In fact, I really gotta hand it to all of the filmmakers that make sequels/spin-offs to the original by staying true to the original lay-out and design of the house. Seriously, why hasn't anyone ever built this house before?! 

5) The Myers house.
- The setting of young Michael Myers' very first murder. A normal two story plain, white framed house. It's really nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it's pretty normal looking. Maybe that's what makes it so scary! This house has been reused countless times in the sequels, but the P.O.V shot in the original will forever and always creep the hell out of me. My favorite shot in the entire series has to be after the brutal murder of Michael's sister how the killer hurries outside just in time for the Myers to pull up and get out. Here the best reveal ever shown in an opening is revealed. "Michael?" Here we see the clown mask taken off an innocent, yet stunned little boy as his parents stand back stunned.

6) The Poltergeist house.
- Just your typical all American normal house. Well, almost. I love the original Poltergeist. I think a huge reason why I love this movie is because of how realistic it feels. This is a middle class family, living in a nice middle class house. I loved the clutter, the 1980's gold railing going up the stairs, the pink carpet, the toys, and clutter everywhere. What makes this welcoming cozy house even more terrifying is what happens on the inside of these walls. The creepy clown doll,  the giant tree in the backyard, even the sliding chairs. What's most epic about this house is the fact it legit disappears turning into an empty lot. Whoa now!

7) Rose Red
One of my favorite things to do on Memorial Day Weekend is watching Rose Red. This is one of my all time favorite mini series of all time. Seriously one of my favorite movies to re-watch over and over again. It never gets old. Stephen King, the master of horror, and anything supernatural decided to make the ultimate haunted house movie. This of course being Rose Red. Making up rich history to the giant, massive setting, King set up the perfect story of a group of psychics gathering to gather evidence on the house's darker past. Between the endless rooms, the moving walls, the upside down office, the glass library, and how completely gorgeous it looks inside this is visual eye candy for any horror fan.

8) The Loftmore mansion.
- Not only was this Mark Loftmore's house in Waxwork, it was also used in films such as Willard, Witchboard, even episodes of Buffy, and Tales From The Crypt. This house is completely stunning, with it's stone work up front, large rooms, and circular bay windows. Another huge location I would love to visit!

9) Burnt Offerings house.
- This is not only one of my all time favorite supernatural/haunted house movies, but also one of my all time favorite movies from the 70's. With Karen Black and Oliver Reed playing a married couple who take their family to this giant mansion for the summer, it doesn't take long for the power of the house to overtake them. Here it's revealed that the house seriously starts to take on a life of it's own, even fixing and changing itself. One of the creepiest films of all time. My all time favorite scene is when Karen Black wakes up the next day to find the back all re-done and new and stands back completely stunned. Man a house that fixes and cleans itself?! Sounds good to me!

10) The Conjuring house.
- A huge large framed house in New England. Who wouldn't fall in love with it? Well, that is until all Hell breaks loose. I really enjoyed this film (and looking forward to it's sequel) this house isn't anything out of the ordinary, but still is the source of some pretty creepy stuff!

Which ones do you think should make the list?

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