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Top 10 Monsters episodes.

 Top 10 Monsters episodes.
This past winter I decided to give myself a bit of a challenge. This being to binge watch all 3 seasons of the 80's show Monsters which in total was 72 episodes. I originally bought a bootleg set of this show at a convention and viewed a couple of episodes. Besides just a handful, I never really found the motivation on finishing the series. I'll be the first to admit, I own way too many movies as well as too many TV series which I've still yet to finish. Deciding to say fuck it while I was on vacation, I slowly while recovering from the head cold from HELL finished the entire show. Here are the episodes I felt were the best and stood out within the 72 of them. Monsters was a lower budget Tales From The Crypt, and an even lower budget Tales From The Darkside. This show mostly focused on monsters, demons, and creatures, even including some episodes written by Mr. Stephen King himself. Lasting only 3 seasons, this show was packed full of guest stars, and memorable moments. Here are the top ten that impressed me.

Holly's House 
- A working puppeteer on a popular children's show learns she's pregnant and begins to debate if she should quit show business and start a family. That all seems like a good idea until Holly, the live sized anatomic puppet begins to show a much darker jealous side on it's creator wanting to leave her.

- The last three survivors of a deadly plague which had wiped out the entire population of their small mid-western town find themselves trapped during the dead of winter by some sort of invisible force field. This cause of this virus was from an alien who crash landed and accidentally released the virus killing thousands. Knowing time is running out, the alien tries to find a way to communicate to the survivors to stop the virus from spreading and destroying the rest of the planet.

The Match Game
- A group of teenagers break into an old broken down Victorian house and play "The match game" which is the teenagers sitting in the dark, telling ghost stories. Each teen gets a turn while striking a match. Once the match burns out, the next person takes a turn. Sadly for these teens, the ghoul they created for their story comes to life and is slowly lurking in the darkness around them.

A Bond Of Silk
- A pair of newlyweds are invited to a honeymoon suite in the city. Once they arrive, they notice something strange. There's no bed, and there are dozens of old wedding dresses left in the closet. Confused, they wander around until they notice a hidden room where a massive silk web hangs off the ceiling and something very bloody thirsty waiting for them.

The Farmer's Daughter
- One rainy night a salesman gets into an accident, causing him to show up on the front porch of a farmer and his wife's home. Inviting him in, they apologize before telling him there isn't much room for him to stay unless he bunks up with their daughter who lives in the attic above them. The salesman agrees, and meets the daughter who's absolutely stunning. Instantly falling in love with her, the salesman begs her to run away with him. Here he breaks the one rule she told him to follow. He touches her. Here her true self is revealed. The same lonely soul which has been waiting decades for her one true love to take her away.

- A P.I follows a wealthy married couple to a remote inn which sits in the middle of deserted swamp land. Here he learns the frightening truth about the innkeeper selling a very special batch of jars. Jars that have a living creature inside of them which will spring out if the lid is opened and completely suck of whatever unlucky person has opened it, eating everything, and I mean everything. 

Bug House  
- A young woman visits her estranged sister who she hasn't seen in months. Going back to their childhood home, she finds her sister pregrant and living with a strange but attractive man. Here, the woman begins to notice not all is what it seems. 

Small Blessings
- A young mother is stressed beyond belief when she gives birth to a monster of an infant. No,'s a monster. Trying to find a way to bond with her child, she discovers that actually having a flesh eating demon isn't that bad at all, mostly with a psychopath lurking around the neighborhood. 

A Face For Radio
- A late night talk-show radio host invites a beautiful but strange woman who claims she has a creature from another planet. It isn't until the host sees the creature with his own eyes that he knows that there isn't something right about it, or the mysterious stranger who brought it.

The Moving Finger.
- Based off the Stephen King short story, tells the tale about a middle class soft spoken man who lives in a comfy little apartment with this wife. One evening while watching TV, he goes to use the bathroom where he happens to glance at the sink and sees a human finger sticking out of the drain slowly wiggling. Unable to believe his eyes, he first thinks he's losing his mind. Whenever his wife goes to use the bathroom the finger isn't there. Puzzled, and terrified at the same time the man begins to obsess over trying to figure out how to stop the finger from returning, and where it's coming from.

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