Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Interview with Heather Murphy

Interview with Heather Murphy.
Actress, artist, and model Heather Murphy was kind enough to answer some questions here at Staystill Reviews.! Check out her amazing throw back to classic 90's websites over at

1) What were your favorite movies growing up that had a lasting impression on you?

"Day of the Dead" was my introduction to horror films, which my dad let me watch with him when I was about 4 years old. So that was the genesis of my horror addiction, which has stayed with me my entire life! "Jaws" was the first movie that made me think, "how did they do it?!", and as a kid, my theory was that the shark was some kind of submarine that the actors would swim inside when they got killed, LMAO! And "Aliens" is pretty special to me as well, to the point of getting a Facehugger tattooed on me.

2) Top 5 favorite movies on VHS?

I'm gonna do this by VHS tapes that I own, so they would be: 1)Rock N' Roll Nightmare, 2)My Demon Lover, 3)Night Life, 4)Rumpelstiltskin & 5)Wild at Heart  

3) You have acted, modeled, made beautiful artwork and created some pretty awesome projects, most recently your tribute to old school 90's websites. What's next for you?

I'm trying to set up a blog & new youtube channel, and also toying with the idea of doing another retro website! Although that has to remain top secret at the moment :] I'd also love to get back into doing more art this year!

4) What five movies would you recommend to anyone without any hesitation? 

Blade Runner, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, Der Fan (The Fan), The Holy Mountain & Fade to Black.

5) Best place you have ever visited?
 Las Vegas. Since I'm usually up all night, a city that "never sleeps" is very appealing :) Plus the energy there is just INSANE. 

6) Movie you feel needs a remake and why?

"Eyes of Fire"!!! It is such a cool film, and the FX are already great. But, the "good stuff" is few and far between in that film. I think that is definitely a movie that could use a fresh take. "The VVitch" is actually very similar to it, but 'Eyes of Fire' has a creepy monster witch, which I would love to see more of, in a modern retelling. 

7) Favorite slasher movie and why?

I'm not even going to try to pick from a franchise, so I'm gonna go with "Bloody Birthday", because there's something just so cool about kids being the killers! 

8) Thoughts on the new Ghostbuster movie? Yay? Or Nay?

I've been so fucking stoked for it, and then the trailer came out and I'm not sure what to think. The ghost CGI looks terrible, but I'm still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it will be entertaining, probably won't love it, but I would love to be disproved! The people who HATE it with a passion (males especially) really make me laugh, though. 

9) Favorite actor and actress?

George "Mother Fucking" C. Scott!!! Favorite actress would have to be Pat Ast, solely for her performance in "Reform School Girls"!

10) Best ending to a horror movie?

Most memorable for me hands down is The Mist!!! Second runner up would probably be Sleepaway Camp.

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