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Ecto Cooler Hi-C review.

Ecto Cooler Hi-C review.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away in a more simpler time there was a beverage that basically summed up everyone's childhood who are in the age range of 25-35ish. A drink that was packed full of sugar, in a plastic yellow box, and had one of the most beloved creatures featured in one of the coolest movies from the 1980's.

Ladies and gents, I'm talking about Ecto Cooler by Hi-C. 

To say I had an awesome childhood is a complete understatement. I owe all of this to my late mother who was a kid at heart and let my sister and I grow up playing in the coolest back yard ever (we had a two floor jungle gym set, a crow's nest, a zip-line, a swing-set, and a pool.) Our house basically turned into a haunted house around Halloween, and we were able to pick whatever themed birthday party we wanted every year. I of course was that pain in the ass that insisted on having monster parties every August. God bless that woman for putting up with me.

Another thing was how my mother let us be our own person. She raised us to play outside, go on our bikes, get dirty, and always had the coolest toys to play with, and things to do. My mother was responsible for my love of horror and movies. She took me to the private mom and pop video store down the street every Friday as a treat where I would rush straight to the horror section. She raised me on classics such as The Monster Squad, The Midnight Hour, The Goonies, Fright Night, The Stand, and The Lost Boys. I was the only child in pre-school that had a full ghostbusters suit that I would wear into school. To rock this I also always had a box of Ecto Cooler in my lunch box. I remember these juice boxes were always in my house. Back, and I mean wayyyyy back when I was a kid I was uber skinny and ate like a bird (ah memories) Still, I loved downing one of these sugar packed drinks on a hot summer day after swimming or sitting down to watch the Ghostbuster films or classic cartoons. I believe there are photos (which I am still searching for that shows me in all my glory at age six or seven drinking these.) I adored the movie so much that my mother had a whole mixed tape that me and my sister would always play that featured the Ghostbuster theme, Thriller, and many many more. 

I wouldn't say I'm a huge Ghostbuster fan but I enjoyed the Hell out of the first film because of the amazing effects and dry humor. I honestly had to laugh a few years ago when I discovered that back in 1997 or so they discontinued these drinks and how in popular demand they were in for fans all over. Now I'll admit the whole nostalgic thing is a little annoying. So many people want to go back to the 1980's/90's simply because they remember a simpler time, long before jobs, relationships, bills, and even loss. They sadly are so caught up in this they miss the actual good times that are happening in the present. Still, it really is quite the time to be alive. We have some of our all time favorite movies that have been out of print being released on stunning blu-rays. Reunions, conventions, old school shows coming back, sequels being made, and classic snacks, drinks, and toys coming back. 2016 as much as it's had it's losses, also has had some pretty awesome releases. The Ecto Cooler being one of them.

Now will I go to see the new Ghostbuster movie? Eh, maybe not. This is coming from a girl herself. i just don't feel it. I seemed more excited when a few years back they said the guys from Knocked Up and Super Bad were going to take over. After movies like 21 Jump Street and This Is The End I thought it was going to be pure comedy gold. My problem isn't it being all women, in fact I think it's pretty cool, mostly for little girls that will go and see the movie. I just don't really like the actresses. In fact, and I'm sure I'm not alone here I think Kate McKinnon might be the only decent thing about the casting. She looks just like Egon from the cartoon series! I feel this is a wonderful tribute to the late Harold Ramis who back in 2014 when he passed away I felt broken hearted over. This man was responsible for some truly funny/classic movies and it's just a shame the original crew didn't get together one last time before we lost him. "Sigh..."

My main complaint between the casting is the CGI. My effects hero Steve Johnson worked on the original and I love how the effects in that movie STILL hold up over thirty years laster. This movie looks like CGI Hell and I'm sure in just a few years won't hold up at all. I guess we'll see. I'm sure if I don't have anything better to do I'll check it out and see it. One thing is for certain we can thank this movie for being responsible for bringing us back Ecto Cooler. 

On the day they were said to be released I called up several markets, all having zero idea on what I was talking about. Soon afterwards I saw that other people were finding these drinks impossible and the few people who did find them either had to travel far for them, or were lucky enough to get those special marketing boxes that held both the juice box and the can. I read reviews on the drink on several blogs and knew this was going to be quite the task in tracking it down and with my luck I wouldn't find any and soon these drinks would be up on eBay like the old ones for 500$ (Which cracks me up since it really would be just buying a box of mold.) I soon saw you could get them off Amazon but had to fill boxes worth of the drink and you could only get the cans. 

Lucky for me I didn't have to wait long. Yesterday at Scare-A-Con I ran into my friends the Duffy family who gave me a can of Ecto-Cooler. From what they said the can will change color if you put it in the fridge. It's currently sitting down in my den and unless I can't find anymore it will remain closed. Who knows guys, maybe I'll toss it into a giveaway! Thrilled I actually got one I was beyond grateful and got one of their awesome Ecto Cleaner soap bars that smells JUST like the drink. Check out their soaps off Facebook on Fiona Fright Shop where they make all natural custom horror themed soaps! 

Soon after I was pointed in the direction of the New England Ghostbuster booth (I have to give these guys props over how much detail goes into their cosplay) Here, for charity you could donate money and guy the new key lime green twinkles OR get Ecto Cooler juice boxes for just a dollar each! Like I was doing a drug exchange I slapped down a five dollar bill and got 5 which was lucky for me since they sold out shortly after. Here I gave one to my buddy Sean and the two of us had our Ecto Coolers in the parking garage shortly after.


I really can't remember what the original tasted like. If you say you do bless your memory. Mind you it's best served cold, but these babies were tasty! They were super sweet and really good. I of course sucked mine down in seconds but just by sipping it brought me back to a simpler and happier time when I was a carefree kid wearing my ghostbuster jump suit being a little shit. Sean said the same, tasted great and reminded him of the original. Two thumbs up, they hit the nail on the head and I got a total kick out of sipping out of the little juice box.  Was it bad I instantly had to pee after drinking it? Maybe...

Today I gave my father one and he said the same thing (remembering them when I was a kid) he said it tasted good but is best served with lots of ice so it cuts down on the sweetness. So I have two boxes left and my can. Let's see what lucky buckaroo will get the next one. I'm more than happy to share since everyone who's a fan needs to sample these little puppies at least once. That's what makes being a fan/nerd so much fun. The fact that honestly I wrote a whole post over Hi-C. Well played, very well played.

5 stars!

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