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Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 1! - Tarantino - Best Men featured in a Tarantino movie.

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 1! - Tarantino - Best Men featured in a Tarantino movie.

The sun is shinning, Friday the 13th part 2 is on, and all is right in the world. Yep, that's right. Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer is going for another round this year. I was on the fence of actually doing it again but I decided to say screw it. What better way to celebrate summer than reading my silly blog posts? Right? The first week we're talking Tarantino, one of the best directors of our generation thanks to his uber violent and vivid storylines. Today I thought, why not highlight some of the best men featured in his films. Some are handsome, some of talented, and some have played characters so amazing they are anything but forgotten in these films.

Michael Madsen - Mr. Blond.
- Ah the ultimate. The original. I'm sure I was the only girl my age in middle school that didn't have crushes on any boy bands. Instead my bedroom walls were covered in posters and photos of Mr. Blond. The crazed psychopath robber. Michael Madsen brought the classical handsome look to this role with that slicked back black hair, sparking blue eyes, and killer dance moves. 

Tim Roth - Pumpkin.
- Sure I loved him in RD, but this small little cameo role always gets me. I love how fast talking, and smooth it seems as the thief who decides one morning it's a great idea to knock over a restaurant. (Yeah...) His adorable banter with girlfriend Honey Bunny is what makes it.

John Travolta - Vincent Vega
- There are very few roles I found Mr. Travolta adorable. This really isn't one of them but you can't help but like his personality. Sure he's a hitman/junkie but just the way he reacts and talks is basically like any normal person. I also love his dance moves, and moment after he samples the 5 dollar shake. Him in his banana slugs shirt is seriously cosplay goals for me.

Eric Stoltz - Lance
- This photo here sums it up perfectly. I've always been an Eric Stolz fans (Some Kind Of Wonderful anyone?) The man has had legit one of the most interesting careers out of anyone on this list. I mean come on, how does one even begin to live with themselves after getting fired from Back To The Future. Poor guy. Hey, at least he stole the show in this brilliant film's most popular scene. I seriously die overtime he's eating cereal and just glances casually as the phone rings for the 19th time.

Robert Forster - Max Cherry
- I'm not ashamed to admit I found Robert Forster so handsome in this movie. I think his relationship with Jackie Brown is one of the best in all of Tarantino's films. As an older man who runs a business, he admits about the faults of growing older and is a key element in Jackie getting away with her well deserved money. Their goodbye scene is total feels for me every time.

Michael Madsen - Kill Bill Vol. 2
- My favorite character in both Kill Bill movies. The brother of Bill the leader of the Deadly Vipers, he's also one of the only male members and the ONLY one to actually take down the Bride. I have a feeling had Ellie Driver hadn't of tricked him with the snake in the suitcase he would have kicked both of their asses. I love how they play him as the redneck bum living in the desert but you clearly see how dangerous he is and how calm he remains even after his boss is a total asshole to him. His lines of feeling they deserve to die, as well as the expression on his face when he takes his hat off knowing the bride is near sells the character completely for me.

Eli Roth - Sgt. Donny Donowitz aka The Bear Jew
- Haters gonna hate, I'm an Eli Roth fan. The man is from Boston, and has made some very decent horror movies. I believe I'm one of 12 people in the planet that actually loved the movie (I mean come on, I do have a tattoo of it now.) Eli as cocky as he's appeared to be has always sold it for me. I mean come on, the man now hosts Shark Week! The few times he's actually appeared on screen has been beyond rewarding (Him in Cabin Fever with Dr. Mombo) but the huge highlight had to be when he appeared in Inglorious Bastards as The Bear Jew. Yeah his acting was ehhhh, so-so but you have to seriously be made out of stone if you didn't get chills when he emerged from the tunnel with his baseball bat. Yummy.

Christoph Waltz - Hans Landa
- Sure he seriously plays the same roles now in every movie but this was America's first chance to see the brilliant Mr. Waltz do what he does best. Play a creep. In the opening moments of the film he builds up tension just by his thick accent, charming good looks, and frightening looking eyes. This is a role he was born to play. I love how they blast the Entity music when he's shown in the restaurant "Ah Landa!" That entire scene had be squirming. The worst was him eating the desert just glaring at the film's female lead. The audience is exactly in her spot. Does he know? Is he playing with her? Whatever that scene honestly what supposed to be about it worked. Charming or not, this man is one of the scariest characters Tarantino has ever made.

Michael Fassbender - Lt. Archie Hicox 
- Inglorious Bastards also welcomed us to the ever so handsome and very talented Michael Fassbender. Just a few years before he was showing his "talents" in Shame, or moving metal around and stealing the show in X-Men, this young man played Archie Hicox the British spy who aids in helping the Bastards and appears in just three scenes but they are the film's most memorial. The basement showdown scene is by far one of the most tension filled, beautifully shot scenes moments ever in a movie in the last twenty or so years. This is classic stuff, where everything that could go wrong does. What makes it even better is that all of the actors appearing in this scene acutely all speak German so just listening to them is like music to my ears. The shinning moment for Mr.  Fassbender has to be after his fatal "3 glasses" moment and he knows nobody is leaving that basement alive. Switching to his thick British accent, he smokes his last cigarette, drinks his last drink, and goes out like the gentlemen he appeared to be. Tarantino PLEASE use him again!

B.J Novak - PFC Utivich  aka The Little man
- "Fire guy!" Office fans around the world were tickled pink over the casting of actor/writer B.J Novak joining the Bastards. Not only is B.J adorable, he also fits this role perfectly even though he's mostly shown in the background. His shinning moment is the very end when Aldo and himself are staring down at the screaming Landa, finally with the tables turned. I spoke about this with an old film teacher of mine and we both agree when Brad Pitt says "You know something Utivich, I think this may be my masterpiece." It's really Tarantino speaking to the audiances.

Gideon Burkhard - Cpl. Wicki 
- Another Bastard remember that deserves a little bit of attention since he's really just a background character. Wicki (spelling?) was played by the handsome German actor Gideon Burkhard who has one of the best voices ever. I've spoken about this with a friend of mine and we both said this man could of made a killer career in radio with that thick smoothing sounding voice. Playing the translator of the group, he's one of the three men who made the fatal trip down to the basement tavern to meet up with the actress spy. Wicki isn't much of a stand out character but I did love how badass he appeared to be once the bullets started flying. The man takes out several Germans and is STILL standing even after getting shot in the chest!

Walton Goggins - Billy Crash
- I love Walton. In fact I'm sure I'm speaking for pretty much everyone. First he charmed his way into everyone's hearts with his brilliant television work. Once he became part of Tarantino's crew, it was cemented that he's a modern day cowboy. I actually love his character in The Hateful Eight slightly better, but if I had to choose I would go with Billy Crash. Another background character on this very over the top film, but plays the flamboyant villain who promises Django he'll be dancing in the moonlight with him later. I love how he really seems to be the only true cowboy in the movie spurs and all! The best is his death where he gets shot in the balls and is screaming at the top of his lungs. Give this man an Oscar all ready!

 Samuel L. Jackson - Major Warren.
- Sam Jackson has stolen the show in several of Tarantino films, but it's his role as Warren, the black bounty hunter that I love the most. Between his Lincoln letter, how instantly he knows something is amiss at the cabin, his banter with Chris Mannix, and his speech of what happened with the General's son is what really makes the movie for me. I downright love the last scene after (SPOILER) Chris and him hang Daisy and both are bleeding to death on the bed like a couple of old pals listening to the wind. It's heartbreaking, but fitting at the same time.

Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
- Save the best for last. Death Proof is a fun movie but by far Tarantino's weakest film. Still, one of the creepiest and coolest characters came out of this mess. This of course being Mr. Kurt Russell playing Stuntman Mike. He doesn't play creepy like Mr. Blond, or even Landa. He is legit playing a creep who gets off by smashing cars and killing the terrified girls inside. The best moment of the whole movie is after he offers to give Pam a ride home and how instantly you know something is going to happen. Him breaking the 4th wall and smiling at the audience is what makes it! So handsome!

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