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Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.

 Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.
With tomorrow being practically a national holiday for us horror fans, I decided to list my personal top 13 favorite moments from the Friday the 13th films (No, I didn't include Jason X, Freddy Vs Jason OR the HORRIBLE remake.) Sadly, I had plans on heading up to the woods tomorrow night since Coolidge is screening part 3 and 4. But with car troubles and rain I decided to opt out and stay home instead. Here I'll be trying to binge watch as many films as well as the TV series episodes as possible!) Long live Friday the 13th!  

1) "We weren't doing anything we were just messing around."
- Ah, the very first onscreen deaths in the entire series. Who would have known these two teenagers getting murdered would trigger a never ending blood bath for years to come?!

2) Mrs. Voorhees's death.
- Alice and Mrs. Voorhees' death was one of the most realistic moments in the entire series. In fact, it's downright badass. I down right loved the slow motion shot of Alice cutting Mrs. Voorhees' head off and how her hands grasp upwards as if she's looking for her now missing head. beyond awesome.

3) The greatest jump scare of all time.
- I still remember watching the original Friday the 13th film when I was just eight years old. I never screamed or jumped so badly before in my entire life. This entire scene is played out so beautifully, then as the tension and peacefulness is built up...BANG! Rotting child leaping out of nowhere. 

4) Mark goes for a ride.
- Poor Mark. The guy did say he wasn't planning on spending the rest of his life in that wheelchair and look what happened?! Plus he finally looked as if he was going to get laid, and what happens?! He rides the stairway to...death.

5) Double the pleasure, double the blood.
Inspired by the Italian slasher Bay Of Blood, this awesome death STILL hasn't been shown uncut. What I loved about part 2 was the fact that they sorta began to think outside of the box with how brutal they could get with the killings. This was by far my favorite.

6) Rick's eye popping moment.
- In all it's glory we get old school 3D when Rick (the handsome boyfriend) gets his head crushed and leaping out towards the screen is his stunning blue eye.

7) Crispin Glover's epic dance moves.
- There are so many reasons why I adore The Final Chapter. The biggest one being Mr. Crispin Glover and his adorable yet strange dance moves. It never gets old.

8) Jason Vs. Corey Feldman.
- There are 3 battles in all of the Friday the 13th films that I feel are the best. This one takes the number one spot. The back of the VHS cover for this movie said it best, Tommy Jarvis did something many died trying to do. He killed Jason Voorhees. Trish and him seriously kick Jason's ass. It's beautiful. 

9) "Ooooo baby, oooooh baby!"
- I really like part 5. I know a lot of people don't but I do. Maybe because of it's high body count, or the plot twist at the end. The best moment in this movie of course is Demon, Reggie's older brother and his little sing-along with his girlfriend while he's in the shithouse. I mean what doesn't say love more than singing to your boyfriend/girlfriend while shitting and hearing their voice right outside the door. Right?

10) Jason's return
- Jason never had a greater return than in part 6. In fact I would say it has one of the strongest openings of all of the movies in the entire series.

11) The great cut Friday the 13th death.
Just a few years ago I discovered how badly edited part 7 The New Blood was. Luckily I found all of the footage on Youtube and discovered my all time favorite death now by how awesome and gory it was. (Beach death, so gory and gross look it up!)

12) Jason in Time Square.
"Yo it's cool man! It's cool!" This movie is a huge mess, but the few minutes the movie actually takes place in New York is downright wonderful. Loved the shots of Jason standing in Time Square. 1988 in all it's glory.

13) The best ending shot of all time.
- I enjoyed Freddy Vs Jason. But in all honestly, out of ALL of the scripts I read, this was one of the weakest. I'll never forget the excitement I felt when I first saw Freddy's claw coming up after John D LeMay sends Jason to Hell. Had the actual result of this final shot lived up to the hype it caused it would have been awesome.


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