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Best Scream killers

 Best Scream killers

I'm sure I'm speaking for many people my age that the Scream movies were a huge part of our love for horror growing up in the 1990's. To honor these films, I decided to rank the best villains from best to worst (not including the killer from the TV series since I've yet to watch it. Shocking I know...) So here we are, agree or disagree? 

Mrs. Loomis. 
- I'm sure many will disagree with my ranking of this list. Many would say this killer's reveal took the  Mrs. Voorhees route. I for one thought it was completely lackluster. First off the casting? Really, the sister from Roseanne? Ugh...Second, her wide eyed crazy delivery just didn't do it for me. Not very shocking, and the final fight wasn't that bad. I mean here is a woman we heard briefly of just a few times that she took off after she learned her husband had an affair. Besides that, really not that impressive. Good idea, just really wasn't a fan.

- I thought it was pretty funny that a Culkin brother was actually in a Scream movie. Charlie's reveal was actually really clever channeling the original movie. In fact, I remember the audience gasping when he ended up stabbing Kirby. Still, playing the love sick puppy dog to Jill just didn't do it. Was a pretty brutal killer (the Olivia murder was brutal.) Still, his kill was pretty lame, as was that long hair. Mmmm Hummmm.

- "Hit me with the phone dick!" I loved this character since he was the comic relief. In fact it's a bit of a bummer that his character really ended up being a crazed psychopath. Still, he was the wild card in the whole first movie, his classic one lines is what steals the show. I do love his reaction shot when Billy reveals the truth to Sidney on why he actually killed her mother. 

- I'm really not a huge fan of Scream 3. I did like the Hollywood setting, and the opening with Cotton. Still, the slapstick dumbness that surrounds this movie often puzzles me. I'm glad Wes was able to clean up past mistakes with part 4 and left the movies in a certain state of perfection before we lost him last summer. I did enjoy how they went back to the past in this movie with Sidney's mother. Roman's background was tragic, as was his death. I honestly felt he should have died when Sidney stabbed him and they held hands instead of the stupid over the top moment of Dewey shooting him over and over again. What makes me love this killer even more is the fact he's never brought up again even in the forth movie. 

- That Timothy Olyphant tho...Mmmm not only was he easy on the eyes, but how downright crazy and brutal he was. I feel he had the worst motive in the whole series "I'm gonna blame the movies." Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Still, extremely sexy and did some of the most brutal killings in part 2. (I think we all remember Cici.) I loved his chase on stage with Sidney and how she whacks him in the eye with the necklace. Another killer who should have dropped dead the first time when Mrs. Loomis kills him instead of that stupid pop out with him being shot over and over by Gail and Sidney. Still, funny to watch Mr. Olyphant now and remember his roots as Micky the crazy Tarantino film student.

- A fan favorite. The moody, handsome, odd boyfriend of Sidney's. I really didn't see this one coming at all. A crazed manic who has a bad ass ending thanks to Sidney. Great reveal, and adds to how tragic poor Sidney's life is. Great to see Skeet going conventions now with Mathew, it blows by mind practically the whole original cast are doing shows now. To think this movie is 20 years old really blows my mind. 

- The craziest killer of them all. Sidney's innocent little cousin. I was on the fence with Scream 4 before it came out. I wasn't sure how this would be with a new generation of kids. Still, I remember gasping when they revealed her to be the second killer. A heartless crazy bitch who had Roman's motive but amped it up times a million. What really sold her for me was the fact she gave zero fucks. She killed her friends, her mother, her ex, even her partner in crime just to have fans. Her staging how the police would find her was the highlight of the entire movie. It makes you honestly think, the past killers...such as Billy and Stu is this how they would have done things? Jill's only fatal mistake was not making sure Sidney was dead for good. Still seeing her stab herself, yank her hair out, scratch herself, even throw herself into a coffee table was downright amazing. I loved the look on her face at the end, almost smiling as the reporters are snapping her photo asking what it's like to be a hero. If you ask me...that would have been one hell of an ending to the series.

So thoughts? Agree? What's your order? 

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