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13 reasons why Micki and Ryan belonged together. - Friday the 13th the series.

 13 reasons why Micki and Ryan belonged together. - Friday the 13th the series.
In honor of Friday the 13th I decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest shows of all time. Yep, the highly underrated TV series of Friday the 13th. Running 3 seasons from 1987 to 1990, it was interweaved between the popular films of the same name. It has since become a huge fan favorite with a cult following and has inspired many films that have been made in the years following. I for one am a massive fan (I honestly liked that it didn't have anything to do with the Jason/Camp Crystal Lake movies) and took a new route with the cursed antique store. With many colorful episodes, great effects, and likable characters these episodes belong in the same ranks as Tales From The Crypt, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, and yes even the X-Files. Wanting to shine a little light on this show, I decided to take a moment to highlight the main reason why I adore this show.

The leads.

Micki Foster and Ryan Dallion played by Robey and John D LeMay.

I loved these two so much I even named my two dogs after them. Here are 13 reasons why these two belonged together and why season 3 just never left the same after D LeMay left.

1) They are complete opposites.
- She came from money, he came from a broken family. She was well educated, high classed, and engaged to a lawyer. He was an art school drop out who loved comics and was a kid at heart. The fact they were paired up, having to get over their differences and work together was the main pull of the show.

2) Always rescuing each other.
- Sure they often got into trouble together, but I can't count how many times in the course of this show that they saved each other.

3) Even if they weren't related, they were family.
- Cousins by marriage, and having only met briefly when they were children, these two started off as strangers but soon became friends, partners, and finally as close as any family that they could get. Sure the whole "cousin" thing threw people off, but as Lloyd, Mick's finance' once said...only through marriage. Could totally still hook up without getting gross. "wink wink"

4) The entire episode where they went to Amish Country.
- This whole episode proved how much Ryan meant to Micki. How she watched him fall for some complete stranger and how down right bullshit/heartbroken she was over it. Their goodbye scene had me living. Also Ryan muttering "What if?" when Micki left. God, I was sobbing. The best was how much of a bitch Micki was shutting the car door on the girl Ryan liked as they drove off. Bye bitch!

5) Risked using cursed objects to save each other.
- There were tons of times where these two were forced to used a cursed object to save each other as much as they were against it. Best example was Ryan using the cursed boxing glove to knock Jack out to save Micki. The look of how bullshit Jack is at the end of the episode says everything.

6) How adorable they sounded when they bickered. 
- They sometimes acted and looked like an old married couple. I loved the little banter between the two of them as the episodes went on. Down right adorable.

7) So many loved ones come and go yet were always there for each other.
- Micki lost her fiance' boyfriends, friends. Ryan lost more girlfriends you could shake a stick at, his childhood hero, and yes even his father. Still, at the end of each episode after all of the death they were still there for each other, being a shoulder to cry on and move on with.

8) Ryan's breakdown when Micki "died".
- One of the saddest episodes ever was Heads You Live Tails You Die. John D LeMay's acting was completely heartbreaking in this one. The look of horror on Ryan's face when he hears that Jack had to leave Micki behind, or his ugly crying/breakdown when they found Micki's corpse. So sad to hear  Ryan say he was quitting when he originally thought Micki was dead. Shows that they were each other's strength through the show.

9) Went to Hell together.
- The fact they went to Hell together goes to show you something. Complete staying power.

10) Faced the supernatural together.
- Witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolf, demons, cursed antiques, psychos, and yes even killer dolls they all battled side by side together.

11) Slept just a few feet away from each other.
- Always loved the episode when Micki thought somebody was breaking into her bedroom and ran and got Ryan who slept right outside her room and how he had to debate on using his gutter as a weapon or not. Classic. 

12) Their chemistry.
- I honestly feel D LeMay and Robey would have made the most adorable couple ever. Maybe it's something about couples with dark and red hair but I loved seeing these two stand next to each other, most of all with all of those killer 80's fashion choices!

13) Had Ryan stayed, I feel the show would have continued a few more series. 
- Nothing killed me more than D LeMay leaving the show. I always felt they honestly should have just killed Ryan (having him get stabbed and his final lines being "Pray for me.") instead of him turning into a little boy. I understood why they did this keeping the door open in case they ever wanted Ryan to come back, but the show took a total nosedive after he left. Johnny just didn't cut it and have the heart that Ryan did. The show felt empty and depressing after this. In fact I've only watched all of season 3 once in all the years of watching this show. I feel had Ryan stayed on the show would have lasted much longer than it did.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

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