Friday, May 13, 2016

Best Friday the 13th prints!

 Best Friday the 13th prints!
I'm sure I'm speaking for many horror fans right now but I'm happier than a pig in shit. Nice and cozy at my house, I'm rocking my Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Fright Rags T-shirt, drinking a beer, and watching Friday the 13th part 7 The New Blood on Spike TV. Tonight I'm going to try and cram as many of the Friday the 13th films along with a few of my favorite episodes of the TV series in before midnight. So to honor this fun little holiday I decided to post several of my favorite pieces of Jason themed artwork that's been floating around much like this killer piece by Chris Ott of London 1888. I own the New Blood print by Ott which is framed in my house. Today he just released a new Jason print, this time honoring one of my favorite installments from the series part 3! So which ones are your favorites? There are so many prints I'm not able to track out all the artists responsible for these gems. Do check out such sights as London 1888, Fright Rags, Electric Zombie, and google to track them down. Now all we need is a Friday the 13th the series poster and we're all set!

To check out Chris' latest Friday the 13th release go to his website

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