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What would have made The Lost World better..

 What would have made The Lost World better...
It's no hiding the fact that the original Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies. Sadly Steven Spielberg's sequel as well as Michael Crichton's second installment novel was beyond lackluster. With a rushed production, the film seemed almost doomed from the start. Spielberg himself admits midway through filming he knew his heart wasn't completely in the project. I myself even remember when this movie first was released in 1997, four years after the original and how disappointed I was for several reasons. Now I need to say before hand I have yet to read the novel. I'm sure some of my thoughts will change after I read it but just as a fan of the original film I'm going to list several things as a fan I would have killed to see.

1) Maybe have it be a prequel. 
Okay, here me out here. John Hammond mentions several times during the original film about his park in Kenya, where Robert Muldoon worked. I believe, and don't quote me on this but the park was called Tiger World. I think after the huge success of Jurassic Park it would have been a massive risk on Spielberg's part to stray away from dinosaurs but why not try something new. Maybe Hammond as well as In-Gen were responsible for a smaller cover up several years ago. I've yet to see the movie Roar but wouldn't it have been amazing to see Muldoon and Hammond back in the 1980's and something happens over night where lions and tigers are attacking the crew. I'm sure plenty of you are reading this going yeah, okay Stacy...but hey, who knows, anything would have been better than the real piece of shit sequel. 

2) Keep Malcolm the same.
I understand after the film's events from the original one would be a little shaken up. Mind you again I haven't read the novel, but I know in the film they mention how In-Gen ruined Malcolm's career after he tried to go public with what happened. Still, it seemed as if everything that made Malcolm awesome in the first film was taken away in this film. It seemed as if Goldblum played this half awake. I mean come on now, his first shot is him yawning. Everything that made Malcolm cool, funny, and likable was sucked dry. I didn't buy the romance with him and Sarah for one second. This relationship with his daughter was horrible, and his one-liners had flat delivery. I don't know, maybe Malcolm would have been better off not returning for this installment or played it a little more like how his character was from the first film. In the novel Malcolm dies of his injuries, but I know comes back for the sequel stating the doctors in South America did amazing work. (...really?) I don't know, still just stuns me one of the most likable characters coming back and being completely cringe worthy. The "I'm trying to save my baby." line...Jesus...

3) Neill and Dern return instead. 
I always felt it would have made more sense for Grant and Ellie to return for the sequel in major roles instead of Malcolm. Now I will say this and I'll say it again, I have NOT READ THE BOOK. Still, I think for just a sequel film wise I would have rather seen these two return. Maybe show them fresh off a breakup and forced to join forces being brought in again. I think I'm speaking for Jurassic Park fans everywhere it broke my heart into pieces not having these two end up together. I was down right crushed when I saw Jurassic Park III. Maybe show them teaming up and rediscovering they were meant to be together. I would have bought that more than the romance between Claire and Owen in Jurassic World. I loved Ellie and Grant since they were two of the more realistic characters in the film (I know on the original novel they aren't together.) those two were the perfect couple, that really shared the same passions career wise, not personal. Plus having these two together with dinosaurs. A fan's dream come true.

4) Return to Isla Nublar if need be. 
- For the film's sequel I didn't like the whole Site B storyline. Sure it makes scenes, and I figured that's where the raptor from the beginning of the first film was transported from, but what made me down right adore Jurassic World was the fact they returned to the original island. I was crying like a complete nerd when those two boys in the movie returned to the original visitor's center. If they HAD to keep the dinosaur idea and this wasn't based off any novel maybe have it take place shorty after the first film's events and how In-Gen is forcing Hammond on making Ellie and Allan return to the island to either ID, tag, or hunt down the dinosaurs left on the island. Far fetched? Yes, but still returning to all of the old locations maybe just a few mere weeks afterwards would have been amazing. Stick with the idea that In-Gen sent in their own team (Donald) and have the whole T-Rex being hunted, them trying to photograph and herd the animals together before something goes wrong. Maybe have Ellie and Grant forced even by gun point in returning and trying to figure out how to escape or them figuring about they were lied to, the animals are actually going to be returned to a second location or park. None of this T-rex running loose in the city bullshit. Have it all take place on the original island with Ellie and Grant trying to show not all of these creatures are blood thirsty. Maybe I'm rambling but I love this island. Having Jurassic World being the true part three if they went with this direction would have been amazing. 

5) Mulldon's son back for revenge.
- I once read a blog post on who would be cast if Jurassic Park was made today. Oddly, I really had to agree with this person's choice of casting Daniel Craig as Mulldoon. It's no secret that Muldoon is my favorite character. I adored the late Bob Peck and I said the only thing missing from Jurassic World would have been this connection. Say The Lost World was made maybe a little later, 2002 to 2005 I think another great addition would be a hunter, a member of the team going back to the island to hunt or tag the dinosaurs is actually Robert Muldoon's son, a hunter who is seeking revenge on the creatures or company that killed his father. How bad ass would this have been?

Well thoughts? I plan on reading the novel this up coming spring so we'll see if this sways or changes any of my thoughts and ideas. I will give The Lost World credit where credit is due. Look what act it had to follow up with. It has it's moments but like I said earlier I feel Jurassic World is indeed the true sequel to the classic original. Damn you In-Gen.

Until we see a movie like this I guess we'll just have to be happy with Malcolm's daughter doing tricks in the air. (rolls eyes)

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