Monday, March 7, 2016

35 reasons why I love Terminator 2

 35 reasons why I love Terminator 2

This past weekend I was lucky enough to snag an original theatrical Terminator 2 poster while up North. Wanting to revisit one of my all time favorite childhood movies, I put in my blu-ray last night and instantly remembered all of the reasons why I was the only person in kindergarten obsessed with this movie. Here are 35 reasons why I love not only one of the best sequels ever made, but one of the best action/science fiction films ever! - 

1) The sweet Carolco logo.

2) The killer Basic Instinct trailer that used to play on my old VHS.

3) The film's updated bleak look on the future that's to come.

4) "Pull it out! Pull it out!"

5) The best use of "Bad To The Bone" since Christine. 

6) The great casting of Edward Furlong as John. So I guess Linda Hamilton + Michael Biehn = this. Interesting...

7) Todd and Janelle. 

9) The ginger sidekick from Salute Your Shorts.

10) Jacked up Linda Hamilton 

12) The great use of Guns And Roses' You Could Be Mine.

13) The fact you have no idea who's the bad guy until this scene.

14) The great villain to ever grace the sliver screen. The T1000 aka The Liquid Metal Man.

15) The T1000 running. Fucking terrifying.

16) The touching deleted scene with Kyle in it.

17) Todd's milk death.

18) "You're foster parents are dead." 

19) The full house scene.

20) Sarah's reaction seeing the terminator again.

21) The best CGI ever used in a movie. Legit flawless.

22) The T1000's metal arms. 

23) Basically John and the terminator's entire relationship. 

24) The terminator lifting the baby up.

25) The T1000's look for the last act of the film.

26) Sarah's dream.

27) "Listen to me very carefully..."

30) The Cyberdyne shoot out.

31) "Get out."

32) This awesome stabbing during the chase scene.

33) This scene. Such a great use of practical effects.

34) Terminator Vs. T1000 - Epic.

35) This heartbreaking scene. Gets me every time...

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