Friday, March 18, 2016

Top 5 coolest bedrooms in a movie!

Top 5 coolest bedrooms in a movie!
Tonight after witnessing Pee Wee's Big Holiday aka Damon Martin's first movie in 24 plus years, I'm deciding to keep the mood going by watching my all time favorite non-horror movie. This being Summer School. I'm sure I'm speaking for many horror fans and effects artists my age that this movie was a huge reason behind our love of gore and makeup by watching Chainsaw and Dave, two of the movie's most memorable characters. Between them going against being safe and sane and becoming dumb and dangerous with firecrackers and mellon bombs, drinking screwdrivers on the beach, screening The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in class, having killer bunnies attack them during a field trip, and have one of the coolest bedrooms ever to grace the silver screen. Yep, Chainsaw's bedroom resembled many of our digs back home which made me truly wonder...what other killer bedrooms still stay in our minds for always being down right awesome. Here is a brief list of some of the cooler bedrooms featured in film!

1) Chainsaw's room - Summer School.
- The coolest of them all, which makes it #1. I truly need to breakdown these few brief scene where we actually see Chainsaw's bedroom. It's filled to the brim with awesome horror memorabilia, masks, busts, and posters. I've spotted Zombie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, and Jaws 2 and 3 above his bed. Truly a thing of beauty. 

2) Tommy's room - Friday the 13th The Final Chapter.
- Tommy Jarvis' bedroom in one of the best sequels ever in Friday the 13th The Final Chapter is so awesome he legit drags a complete stranger he just met in the woods upstairs to check out. Filled with amazing masks, paints, and makeups, Tommy also has tons of old school toys from the late 70's and early 80's. In fact John over on Freddy In Space even did several write-ups and breakdowns on this room and how truly awesome the attention to detail was!

3) Billy's room - Creepshow. 
- Not exactly jammed packed, but really well done showing a young child growing up in a household where a parent disapproves on his passion and love of horror. It isn't extreme, but just enough little touches that makes it awesome. I love the creep staring into his bedroom smiling. To think this little boy would grow up and write Horns!

4) Michael's room - Brainscan 
- I own Brainscan on VHS and haven't watched in years. Still, one vivid thing I do remember from this movie was so cool the lead's room was. Between the uber early 90's computer and stern equipment, the bubble/water lights, and old school posters it pretty much is any 12 year old's dream. Plus in memory recalls right...doesn't he lounge back in a gamers' chair and read Fangoria? Awesome.

5) Sean's treehouse - The Monster Squad. 
- Not exactly a bedroom but a super cool hangout. I always wondered how in the world could someone build a treehouse that massive and that high in a tree. Still, plastered with awesome posters and cool toys. Love how when I met Fred Dekker for some strange reason I asked him most about this tree house. Honestly no reason at all, I was just sorta puzzled on how they filmed it. (I'm an idiot and believed it was really up in a tree...BYE!) Also great view of the neighbors. Ain't that right Rudy?

- Memorable mentions - 

Rusty's room - Amityville 1992. 
- Nothing really memorable about this teenage boy's room besides The Bang Gang constantly playing on a loop and the ever so awesome classic scene of Megan Ward coming onto her onscreen brother Damon Martin. The thing dreams and nightmares are made out of.

Veronica's room - Heathers.
I loved the set designs in this film. One of the best ones is Veronica's room. Look at the dresser knobs near her bed, cracks me up every time. 

Glen's room - A Nightmare On Elm Street.
- The setting of one of the series' most brutal deaths ever. I love how people have been recreating this scene even with stop motion and keeping to the details such as the hand poster, tie, and bird. To think this was all a upside down set still blows my mind!

Pee Wee's room/house - Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
- What cracks me up is what exactly is Pee Wee? A child? A man child? It still puzzles me. Whatever he is, he has the COOLEST digs ever! Between his playhouse in the series and his original house in Big Adventure, nothing can top how much cool stuff he has. I mean come on...bunny slippers, rubber carrots, a giant dinosaur head. Truly awesome. Hate to admit it but was a little bummed out they didn't try to keep with the original design in Big Holiday today. Still, beyond cool.


  1. SummerSchool...makes me want to watch it right now. Love it.

  2. Morgan Stewards Coming Home... You fucked up. Nice write up though.