Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top 15 episodes of Friday the 13th the series!

 Top 15 episodes of Friday the 13th the series!
There are certain shows that you just downright adore. I'm sure many would say Twin Peaks would be my #1 pick but susprisingly my number one choice would come in the highly underrated Friday the 13th the series. Fans are often split, many disliking this show for one reason and one reason only. The title, trying to cash in on the mega success of the slasher film series that took over the 1980's, the producers decided to do a weekly show but with the hockey mask wearing psycho nowhere in sight. Instead they decided to tell a completely different story, this time showing two distant cousins taking over an old antique store in which they learn that every single object is cursed by the devil. Sounds crazy huh? Well believe it or not this show was acutely really and I stress really good. With three amazing likable characters, a super cool setting, great writing, and even some awesome directors Friday the 13th the series was truly decades ahead of it's time (The X-Files, Supernatural, and Warehouse 13.) Lasting sadly only 3 seasons, it still remains a cult classic, and holds a special place in my heart. I did name my dogs after the two leads after all. Today a friend texted me asking what my plans for my next tattoo were. As much as I'm dying to get a Dawn Of The Dead one I know for sure I'll never be able to complete my leg sleeves until I pay tribute to one of the best shows of all time. Here I'll list my top fifteen favorite episode of all time!

And Now The News
Cursed object - A radio.

The Playhouse
Cursed object - A playhouse for children.

A Cup Of Tea
Cursed object - A china tea cup.

Vanity's Mirror
Cursed object - Compact mirror.

What a mother wouldn't do.
Cursed object - A baby's cradle. 

Badge Of Honor.
Cursed object - An old sheriff's badge.

Double Exposure 
Cursed object - A camera. 

Doorway To Hell
Cursed object - A mirror.

Heads I live, Tails You Die.
Cursed object - A coin.

Wax Magic.
Cursed object - A handkerchief 

13 O' Clock
Cursed object - Pocket watch.

Night Hunger.
Cursed object - A chain.

Mesmer's Bauble
Cursed object - A crystal necklace.

Coven Of Darkness
Cursed object - Witches ladder and sculpting tool.

Cursed object - Crystal Ball.

I know this is my 100th post about my favorite episodes about this show but I can't urge people enough to finally check out this show.  Side note - Still haven't gotten the book based off the making of this show but from what I heard it's amazing! So fans of even the films, please check out these episodes, you won't be disappointed. 

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