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50 things I loved about Pee Wee's Big Adventure!

50 things I loved about Pee Wee's Big Adventure!
I treated Friday like a holiday...or should I say a BIG HOLIDAY. Nearly 31 years in the making, fans of the original Tim Burton odd ball classic finally got the sequel they wanted (or at least as close as we could.) The film wasn't as great and dark as the original. In fact it seemed to lean more towards a younger audience, but was a million times better than Big Top. It was jam packed with charming goofy moments, and plenty of cameos from the original film. (Damon Martin *coughcough!*) Content with this film, I decided to revisit the original classic not once this weekend...but TWICE! Yep, hardcore over here. So here is a list of the things I just down right adore about the original Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

The opening titles. Colorful, childish, and whacky like the movie.

Pee Wee's bedroom. Legit this giant man child's room rocks. Packed full of games and toys, nothing creepy about it at all. Between the bunny slippers, and the fire's visual eye candy.

His bathroom. The window is a fish tank. A fucking fish tank.

The breakfast machine. Something about the 1980's and vast complicated machines that make breakfast were very hip. (Back To The Future) I always crack up whenever the T-Rex squeezes the orange which is clearly a foam ball. 

Mr. Breakfast

How Pee Wee waters his lawn.

Shhhhh! I'm listening to reason! Love that Pee Wee and France are legit the only two man children in town and nobody questions it. Their shitty little banter always cracks me up.

"I mean to do that."

Mario's Magic Shop. 

The woman oddly watching Pee Wee in the magic shop. Love her just watching in the red lit shadows as he digs into all of his goodies. "How do you like school Billy?!"

The BMX gang. I love that there's nothing creepy about this grown adult chilling with all these kids ages 12 to 18. 

Chip aka Damon Martin. "That Dottie sure is radical with bikes..."

Dottie hopelessly in love with Pee Wee. I adore E.G Daily. Love her raspy little voice and how Pee Wee shuts her down like a total boss.

How Pee Wee races back into Chuck's screaming for Dottie and honking his horn and collapsing upon the rows and rows of bikes.


Oh really? Where are they hosing him down?!

Francis' bath which is really just a giant pool. Love that he bathes in swimming trunks with floating ships and army men. My favorite shot in the whole movie is Francis diving underwater to hide from Pee Wee only to show his two skinny legs step into the pool with dramatic music playing. Utter perfection. "We're miles away from where anyone can hear you scream!"
(Finding the image of Pee Wee's legs in the pool is impossible so I snapped this uber HD photo of it from my lap top)

The trick gum and Francis' father's reaction. Cracks me up every time.

Pee Wee using all the red tape to put up the reward poster.

Pee Wee, that's P.E.E *Turns radio off.*

The entire basement meeting. - This scene is brilliant. I love how Pee Wee rounded up the entire town to go over evidence surrounding the day his bike was stolen. Between him blasting the horn, shouting questions, and Chuck finally breaking down asking what it's all supposed to mean shows how twisted, dark, and crazy this movie is. Love the slow change of everyone listening on the edge of their seats to everyone almost half asleep. "It's like a big cable knit sweater, it keeps knitting, and knitting, and knitting..."

Amazing Larry.

Tim Burton's cameo.

Madam Ruby. I love this entire scene. "Where is it...where is it?"

Pee Wee's many failed hitchhiking attempts. It blows by mind nobody would pull over for a grown man in a bow tie, a giant thumb, and Texas sign.

Pee Wee introducing himself to Mickey. I love how happily he says "I'm Pee Wee!" and the look of utter disgust on Mickey's face.

Pee Wee's utter joy when he holds the wheel for Mickey for a second. I'm sure I'm not speaking for myself but as a kid this was the biggest thrill whenever our parents asked us to do this for a second.

How the police officer admires Pee wee's cute little dress. 

These road signs.

This entire scene.

The fact that there are wild animals, and stuffed ones.

How Large Marge doesn't blink once during this entire scene. "A garbage truck falling off the Empire State Building..."

The most terrifying use of clay e-v-e-r.

The diner scene that follows the Large Marge scene. Love the music, and the Tom Berenger cameo. Or Marge's cackle as the scene fades out.

These dinosaurs. Bucket list to visit them.

"I'm rolling a big donut and there's a snake wearing a vest..."

Flies in the buttermilk shoo fly shoo!

The greatest tour guide e-v-e-r.

"I'm trying to use the PHONE!"

Another epic cameo.

This dance.

The hardest I've ever laughed in a movie ever. Basically me if I ever got on one of these.

This terrifying clown scene. Nightmares for days...

The look of disgust Pee Wee gives the snakes during the Pet Store fire. Love him saving them for last and just collapsing after bringing them out.

There's still some more fish inside...

The drive-in scene.

Pee Wee bringing snacks to all of his friends. Including Mickey who's in the prison bus and brings him one "Foot long." *wink*

Pee Wee's Big Adventure 2.0

Pee Wee's cameo. "Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. Herman." Legit this is why I loved early Tim Burton movies with this kind of humor. This is why this movie still holds up and is for all ages with the dry humor. How James Brolin rips the phone out of Pee Wee's hand, him moving in and out of frame, and glancing straight at the camera. 

Dottie and Pee Wee finally getting the drive-in date.

Adorable...So did I leave anything out? What do you love about this cult classic?

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